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Twisted Tools Products for Reaktor.

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  • Twisted Tools Products for Reaktor.

    All of their products for Reaktor are absolutely outstanding! They also have sample libraries for people who like wacky modular style sounds!

    Fairly decent prices too, all in all..

    These are sort of a secret weapon, since you can do so much with them.
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    Ohhh those look AMAZING!!! The totally twisted bundle is totally TEMPTING!!! Why just get a few when you can have them ALL!!!!! :hypnotized:

    Thanks for the heads up bro!
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      They have quite a few freebies too - I have most of them on my hard drive. One of these days I'll get round to buying some of the paid ones too though, as they look really good.


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        Yah I already bought Rolodecks and Buffeater, which are both really good. The next two I want to get are Scapes & S-Layer!
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          Finally got Scapes & S-Layer.

          You can hear a result of all of the combined effects on this crazy track I made called "Android Orgy"
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