Sebastian Roos from RealTimeOnly is ready to release Reverbical.

A few from AO, myself included, were on the beta team and I have to say it's a really nice sounding reverb with an interesting preset layout. I haven't used it on any projects yet as I knew it'd be changed and fixed as we went along, but can't wait to start using this thing for real.

There's an intro price of $49 for the first month and then it'll revert to the normal price of $89.

Full disclosure: I was compensated with an NFR license for actively contributing during the beta process, but I am under no further agreement to nor compensation for promoting the product. I just honestly found it a nice-sounding and creatively inspiring plug while testing it and wish Sebastian much success with his new venture. My opinions on Reverbical are drawn from my experience working with it and testing it and were not a condition of being granted the NFR license.