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  • Wusik?

    Just wondering if there are any users here of Wusik products?

    I've had a couple of different versions of Wusikstation over the years and didn't really have too many problems with them (occasional crash but not enough to brand it unreliable). Now just trying out the Wusik 4000 freebie (still free for another week or so people! ) and not really getting it. All very modular but not getting the results for the effort put in it seems.

    So is it just me or some mojo lacking that's hard to discern...?
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    I've never got it either...whether it was the name itself or the marketing. But that's not to say I'm not open to giving it a shot! I've actually never tried a demo...and going to his website, the first thing you see on the product pages is TRY THIS DEMO.

    What about the W8 flagship? Any better?
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      I tried it out a couple of years back and never connected.

      Then there was some issue with the developer that got hashed out on KVR of which the only memory I retain is a reluctance to purchase anything. It may be based on nothing, so take that with a grain of salt--I just cannot recall.

      Some folks seem very happy with Wusik.


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        I think the dev had typical one man band issues once (health?) and duly got labelled as unreliable by the KvR elite but I think for the money you can't really grumble. He's always having group buys too which annoys some people.

        I got wusikstation 6 (I think...) for free when he sold it through one of those ad schemes (you take out some other service and get the software for free). I took a trial with emusic so ended up with half a dozen free albums and wusik for free all for just a few minutes clicking. Daft. ;)

        @s1gns: I haven't tried W8 though I understand it's a complete rewrite of the old code base (7 and earlier) so maybe any old issues are now history. Personally, I prefer simpler synths (subtractive ones mainly) then build on that sound with effects rather than do it all in the synth (Omnisphere etc). I do have Dimension Pro which I use if I ever want a conventional sound (strings etc) so thats my 'rompler' needs covered.
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          I use Wusikstation 7 and 8. I tried Wusik 4000 and 8000 but modular synthesis didn't catch with me.
          I also use Anomaly VSTi based on Wusikstation 6. No problems with these synths whatsoever.
          Also no communication problems with dev. So my overall impression is positive.
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            That reminds me, he gave away the EVE vintage keyboard emulator once (based on an old Wusik platform) and that was very unstable on my system, though William was helpful in trying to sort it out.
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