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  • Goldbaby Samples!

    If you think sampled drum machines are the best thing for drum sound starting points then look no further! Almost all of these samples have a serious edge due to the analog post processing done through vintage tape machines etc!

    Best thing? The price.. you get a *#(%*#( ton of stuff to work with for like $50 per library! I personally love When Alien Drum Robots Attack 1 & 2 and the Urban Cookbook.

    Check em out here..
    Goldbaby is a quality provider of drum and synth sample packs. Creating free and commercial sample packs for Maschine, Kontakt, EXS24, Geist, Battery, Ableton Live
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    I'll have to keep this in mind.


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      Originally posted by Dax IX
      I'll have to keep this in mind.
      Totally! I usually use samples of old drum machines as great starting points in drum sound design, so these are all treasures for me. I do like drum synthesizers but at the same time I appreciate having a bunch of high quality samples too.
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