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Softube Modular Impressions?

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  • Softube Modular Impressions?

    Downloaded the demo of Softube's Modular synth last night and flipped through the presets, tweaking a few things over about 45 minutes or so.

    It only took a few minutes to come to the realization I have little more than a basic knowledge of how a modular works. Most of my synth programming experience was years ago and on a DX7IIFD. Much of the patching made things go bad.:biggrin:

    Really liked the sound of it when I wasn't destroying it. I'll keep at it and if it goes well over the course of the next 20 days, may consider getting it--although most of my work is focused on processing rather than synth programming.

    Anyone else try it out or purchase it?

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    No..meant to take a look at it, but forgot to download the know how it goes. But speaking of things modular, I've had my eye on The Tangle from Sound Guru ( ), as has already been mentioned on here elsewhere..again, just haven't gotten around to grabbing it yet. :roll:


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      No, I haven't. I think I'm gonna take a pass on this one...for now. It does look interesting, though. Especially the ability to add third party modules.
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        After playing around with it today I have decided it's not something that I'd enjoy using. Most things it can do that I find interesting can be accomplished by methods I am more comfortable doing.

        While this ends my exploration with it, I'd still like to hear from anyone else that finds they like it.


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          I've thought about checking out the demo. Seems like an interesting concept. Btw I was at the Softtube site today and it was n sale for $75...I don't know how long the sale was for. I didn't see anything about copy protection...I saw on KVR or Muffwiggler that it used iLock...if so then I'll pass on it. Have enough to worry about without forgetting a dongle...


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            Having just upgraded Reaktor to v6, I'm in pretty deep with Blocks at the moment so don't think I need further modular distractions...

            It's kind of crazy, I'd say I'm definitely a processor kind of person like aoVi yet seem to have over a dozen synths installed including semi-modulars like Aalto, ACE and XilsLE which I haven't fully got to grips with yet...
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              I too have a lot of synths installed which is making me more selective of any new purchases. The last new synth I bought was Bazille and I've barely scratched the surface of it's capabilities. I particularly like it though because of it's multi-channel Midi capability (MPE) and using it with my Linnstrument...very nice combo. Something I did come across that was modular in format and fun to mess with was XSRDO over at KVR. Here's the link to the developers site: It does use Synth Edit which may be a turn-off for some, but from what I gather most of the modules were actually coded by the developer. The price is right - free . I came across an issue or two which I've asked the develoer about...we'll see how long it takes for an answer.


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                I tried the demo and first I was impressed by the sound quality ... but it eats up CPU much more than Diva.
                So I decided to have a look on Reaktor 6 Blocks ... there are way more modules and they seemed t be more optimized for screen with less cable-mess :thumbsup:
                although I like the photorealistic look of Softube's Modular ... so I think I will stay on Reaktor Blocks.


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                  I'll admit to being someone who is influenced by an awesome-looking GUI, and this did look pretty cool.

                  While I wouldn't be using any outboard synths in the near future, the control possibilities are a nice touch.

                  There were a few patches that had my processor indicator pegged out, but didn't get any crackles.