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Max/MSP Monome 'readymades'

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  • Max/MSP Monome 'readymades'

    Hey gang. I've been learning Max/MSP recently, and came across a few frustrations. Once I solved them, I created a small set of 'readymade' patchers and sub patchers which will allow you to get up and running-- it's a simple set of sequencers and switches and randomizers. There's also a fairly complicated drum machine patcher which will allow you to create fairly complicated/weird beats in a flash. It's set up to work with an Analog RYTM, but it's simple enough to modify for work with others.

    I've been updating it fairly frequently at the moment.

    If you have a monome, there are patchers for that as well. I've been using the monome to drive patches.

    In any case, you can get this stuff on GitHub.

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    Thanks! I've been wanting to look into PureData, Max/MSP, and similar environments, even more so since reading the Autechre interview where they explain how they use it for generative stuff with Markov chains and the like. But I haven't come around to it yet. So much to explore, and limited time... Anyway this should be useful for when the time comes. |