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  • Iris 2 Users Thread

    Hi Peeps,

    I've recently purchased Iris 2. After only a couple of hours playing with it I can see it has so many aspects and features that it is quite a daunting tool.

    Normally I am a preset junkie but lately, especially for the One Sample Dare challenge, I have been using Absynth 5 more and more to build my own patches using the supplied OSD sample.

    And it was the OSD challenge that has inspired me to get into Iris 2.

    Not sure how this thread will progress but I imagine we can share techniques, ideas and patches.

    If peeps feel that this thread should be deleted and that we should use the existing Iris thread then I'm cool with that. I was just thinking it would be nice to have somewhere for peeps to discuss the latest software, which I believe is quite different from the original...


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    Thanks for starting this thread!

    Here are some things I found out so far about Iris 2:

    • Loops can only have a length about 63 seconds (if the sample is played at original speed)
    • Microtonality is possible by applying "Key Tracking" to "Coarse" tuning of a sample (I missed this in Iris 1)


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      Originally posted by Ahornberg View Post
      Loops can only have a length about 63 seconds (if the sample is played at original speed)
      Yes, I saw you discussing this in the other thread so it's a good mention. As a result I generally crop my samples before dragging them into Iris 2. I know you don't have to, and I am sure there are times I won't, but I started to examine prospective samples in Soundforge first and then cropped the sample down to the bit I was interested in.

      When I get a chance I'm going to create some screen shots of some of my first samples and how I "messed" with them in Iris 2. I say "messed" because my approach at the moment is very hit and miss.... Much trial and error with the filter tools
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