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  • Komplete 11 announced

    As I'm sure many of you have heard, Komplete 11 has been announced, to be released on September 1st:

    KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD is the world’s favorite music production bundle, including 87 instruments and effects, 39 Expansions, and over 40,000 sounds.

    It includes Reaktor 6 and the new Reaktor-based Form synth, which uses samples as primary oscillator. I think this is promising form an ambient point of view. What do you guys think?

    I've been holding out for this release, because I've wanted a bundle including Reaktor 6, Kontakt, and Absynth. Since I'm getting my resign bonus in September, part of it will go to buying Komplete 11. And I forsee many nights and weekend spent on exploring its content... |

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    I'm lukewarm on this release. On one hand, this is the update I've been waiting for...for awhile now. Ever since Camel Audio folded there was speculation that NI might have purchased them for the tech. While that wasn't true, NI was building what we now see as "Form" and I look forward to seeing if it can compete. I've also been waiting to update to Reaktor 6 and get my modular on.

    Then on the other hand...the price is pretty steep to upgrade. I currently own K9U which to upgrade to K11U is $599 + tax. Yes, there are some things that I could use outside of Form and Reaktor 6. Molekular would be well as some of the newly added effects. The other bread and butter synths I use for my own productions (Massive, Absynth, the occasional Kontakt) remain unchanged.

    My plan now is to either buy Form and Reaktor 6 individually...or wait, that long wait, for the inevitable 50% off sale. :whiteflag:
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      six hundred dollars plus tax to upgrade from 9 ultimate to 11 ultimate?

      That's getting into hardware price territory.

      Kompletely crazy.


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        Seems like a number of products (molekular, replica xt, skanner xt etc) are now only in Ultimate so makes the regular Komplete look a little lean imo. I think I qualify for a crossgrade from Reaktor and wouldn't mind getting Kontakt but maybe not this time.
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          Yeah, for an upgrade that is pretty steep, and I would probably wait for a discount. But it'll be my first purchase from Native Instruments, tho I've had my eye on them for a while. Since I'm getting more serious with my music making, and get a lot of positive feedback, I think the time has come to invest more.


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            Originally posted by GaryG View Post
            Seems like a number of products (molekular, replica xt, skanner xt etc) are now only in Ultimate so makes the regular Komplete look a little lean imo.
            According to this: they were only ever in Ultimate.


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              I already have molekular and reaktor 6 - "form" may be interesting, but should I do the upgrade only for form if the rest remains the same? There is still so much to discover in reaktor 6 to me and I have a load of only half-investigated iPad apps. Think, I'll skip this update...
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                Was just reading about it and got Komplete 10 (not the Ultimate) the other week. Managed to get a copy off ebay as someone had two and one was unused. Great news for me it was £100 off the NI reduced price.

                Good news about the new version is that it's released on hard drive and I won't have to site there feeding DVDs into the PC like I had to with 10. Took ages. Still I managed to record an album with the Nord keyboard whilst sitting there waiting for prompts!


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                  Yeah..I'm thinking of holding off for now, too. I have 10 U and, tbh, this doesn't look like any sort of value for money at all..even with FORM taken into consideration.

                  One point to note is you also need to own reaktor 6 in order to run FORM, so if you didn't get it when it came out recently, then you're looking at buying the two, which I guess makes upgrading/updating nearly worth the extra cash.

                  Still, I can't help feel like Ni are ripping existing customers off with this release..maybe not so much if you're totally new to NI's stuff, but if you already own some form of Komplete, then it feels less attractive..even with the new added items.

                  There's also the fact they give you the "Essentials"..but stripped down versions of the same, which kinda makes this feel a little more inKomplete, as has been said elsewhere already..and something less than Ultimate.


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                    I think I've reached the saturation level with music software. I'm less and less attracted to new offerings. If I realistically evaluate my time constraints vs the learning curves I have yet to climb for the software with which I have already cluttered up my hard drive, I have to think that I really do not need anything else for the foreseeable future. It sucks. I need an army of clones!!
                    As far as NI goes, I upgraded to Reaktor 6..I think it was worth the upgrade price. Ditto for the upgrade from the free Replika to Replika XT. And, I threw down for Una Corda, because I just love the sound. (And, it enables me to indulge in fantasies of being able to compose, or even just to play, as well as Neils Frahm...gotta dream, don't we?) The only NI apples hanging on the tree that entice me are Absynth and Molekular. Absynth represents another deep learning curve that I am unwilling to take on now, and I think one could accomplish most of what Molekular does with other tools that I likely already have. I think the real power of Molekular is the ability to control multiple parameters, from multiple effects in a chain, with an XY control path. I'll bet that all the building blocks to do that already exist in Reaktor in one form or another. Just not as readily accessible. Or even by using the iPad Lemur app to provide the XY midi signals and then route them to multiple effects in a chain...more learning curve :cantlook::whiteflag:
                    Anyway, as far as Komplete goes, I would just spend more $$ than the too many $$ I already have, clutter up my drive with GB of stuff I'll likely never use, and sink myself with more and more and more to learn. Reaktor is pretty darn deep as it is, and could likely provide me with a lifetime of aural exploration on it's own. Oh, to be young and have the bulk of one's life ahead to climb the curves! Then it would be worth it to me to invest in Komplete and upgrade occasionally.
                    to those of you who take on the Komplete challenge - I salute you! :rockon:
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