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  • AudioGL!!

    This looks so friggin awesome! Anyone try it?

    PC only at least for now...

    Mac is in the works though :D
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    I want to buy this - there's a demo on the site if you want to try it out.

    The demo videos are a bit limited in scope of music that's being created, but this has huge potential.


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      That does look pretty awesome! It looks like it has huge potential indeed and the 3D interface is wild. When he's zoomed out in the video it looks like a constellation. How's that for space music?

      The asking price of $80 for the beta version (and free upgrade to initial release) is also very reasonable, especially if it's as deep as it would appear to be in the video.

      Cool find, Vort3x!
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        A friend picked up the beta and reported back on it - his review is glowing and he considers this and Bitwig studio to be his two major purchases this year (assuming Bitwig is released this year...)


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          Originally posted by robojam View Post
          ... Bitwig studio to be his two major purchases this year (assuming Bitwig is released this year...)
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            Originally posted by aoVI View Post
            Searching for cat pics now...


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              Been playing around with the trial for a bit. The interface is taking a bit of getting used to, but I'm pretty impressed with this software so far, it sounds great and seems well worth the current asking price of $80... I'll definitely be be buying a license later this week.

              Cheers for the heads up on this.
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                I think it can only get better too - I'm looking forward to ReWire being implemented, and I think that and an undo function due in the next beta release.


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                  ReWire has been implemented! I still haven't bought it, but I think this is the thing that will push me to get it.