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HY-Plugins HY-SEQ16 sequencer (paid and free versions)

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  • HY-Plugins HY-SEQ16 sequencer (paid and free versions)

    A new 16 step sequencer with randomisation:

    Paid version has three 16 step seqs. and LFO modulations whereas the free version has just one seq and no LFOs.

    Loads of fun so far, if squiggly analog lines are your bag then this partnered with HYs own HY-Mono synth should keep you happy for ages.

    My only -ve is you have to adjust the pitch of each step with a knob separately, I guess I'm lazy and used to step seqs. like those in Reaktor where you can 'paint' a whole sequence with one mouse stroke. Modulation lanes would be great too but as it stands (especially with it's force to scale function) it's definitely a useful tool.
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