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    I use Reaper and Ableton Live as main daws.
    Do guick and dirty mixes/mastering in those too.

    For final mastering I prefer standalone version of Ozone 7 as I has this idea that it makes me focus more on the mastering task:-)
    I sometimes use 3 party plugins like Waves, TDR etc.
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    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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      Originally posted by aoVI View Post
      record, mix, and master in Pro Tools 10, using Reaper as a rewire for VSTs. I use Ozone, but was using T-Racks for a while.

      and I fall in the same category as Ciberithm--I wouldn't claim to have the best of ears, so often I do not even master if I feel it doesn't need a final "coat".
      I always master for final release, maybe only very subtle and even unhearable. But just to make sure volume is even etc.
      But sometimes the mix is just so good, so it doesnt need that final coat, for sure:-)
      Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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        Originally posted by seismic1 View Post

        Does anybody have any useful Ozone/Insight/Trash/Neutron experiences or comments?
        I have become very fund of Izotope Ozone and Neutron, as I love their features, their layout/interface/workflow.
        It works and gets the job done for me anyways, at a breeze:-)
        Also I like to use tools for a long time and really get to know them, Im old so its takes longer for to learn new tricks:-)
        Iv had no issues with Izotope products so far.
        Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.