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Ambient Reverb 4.0 - Free VST plugin

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  • Ambient Reverb 4.0 - Free VST plugin

    Ambient Reverb


    This plugin is specially created for ambient!

    The free high-quality reverberator of "Ambient Reverb" is intended first of all for operation with sound material in a ambient genre, though with success it can be applied also in other musical styles and the directions.

    Distinctive feature of a plug-in is the broad range of reverberation time (up to 100 seconds) that allows to receive types of reverberation, different on character, and also an opportunity in a literal sense to freeze sounds, at the same time to receive interesting sound pads, like Frippertronics. The reverberator of "Ambient Reverb" works by the principle of algorithmic reverberation with calculation enough the dense sound reflections on time, allowing to receive realistic reverberation without effect of granularity.
    • 16 factory presets
    • Two band parametric equalizer
    • Indicator and knobs of input/output level
    • Low load of the central processor
    • The 32nd and 64th bit versions of a plug-in
    • Windows XP above
    • VST 2.4 protocol

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    Just downloaded this and I'm really looking forward to testing it out later today. Really appreciate the updated UI and English wording, as well as the added features..nice work!


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      I just downloaded it too - can't wait to start working with it! - home. - audio. - photos.


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        Update Ambient Reverb

        Actual version is 4.3

        This time serious correction of a code. Fixed bug, which i catch,
        it was found in bass vst framework, when loading a plug-in,
        leading to failures in operation.

        Download updating
        version of file "AmbientReverb.dll" is

        P.S. The project needs creation financing the user manual to this plug-in,
        ask to enter feasible donations to compensate costs of modernization.


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          Been using this for a while now, quite pleased with it. For creating very unrealistic and l-o-n-g reverb times with very smooth responses, it's excellent, and not all that processor-hungry. The only bit of a learning-curve with it seems to be with the gain staging, as it's very easy to accidentally generate too much gain post-input, leading to some major gain changes at the output. Fortunately, the master 'in' and 'out' gain controls are very good at keeping this in check, and the real issue seems to come down to simply being a bit more careful than usual about the combination of Dry, Early, and Late Reflection controls being in the right balance...they're a tad touchy. Not necessarily what I might use for basic room reflections and such; I think it really excels at massive, vast, and surrealistic expanses of reverberance with just the right amount of control to dial in the right sort of buildup/damping curves.


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            I had an ambient composition in my head where I would use a freeze effect with an acoustic instrument...and here is the effect!
            I still run WinXP on my music PC because I can't afford new equipment(drivers). Hope this runs on my OS.
            Whether it does or not, thank you for your generosity!
            PS: If it does work, I will be happy to make a donation for such an effect.
            EDIT - just noticed it's XP and above.
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              I spent some time with it this afternoon and I'm loving this! I created a preset that does exactly what I was hoping for, and it sounds great!
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                The plug-in shall work at Windows XP. In it there are no functions which are used in newer versions, starting with Windows Vista.

                The output of the 5th version of a Ambient Reverb is shortly planned, the real stereo will be applied there that is if a signal at the left that and reflections at the left, as in real space. Stone Voices is located near the wood therefore quite often I hear different sounds and their reflections from the wood, but not in a rebag from all directions as does this plug-in now.

                But the fifth version is planned paid (about $20) as I receive very poor donations which are not covering cost for development.


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                  I understand your English vasyan, but not completely. ImTranslater (free) using internal Microsoft translation not Google translation, works very well)
                  Я понимаю ваш английским vasyan, но не полностью. ImTranslater. (бесплатно) с помощью внутреннего перевода Microsoft не Google перевод, работает очень хорошо.

                  I was only able to donate $5.00. I think $20.00 is still a generous price for this unique reverb.
                  Я был только в состоянии пожертвовать $5.00. Я думаю, $20.00 по-прежнему является щедрое Цена за этот уникальный реверберации.
                  "The dumbest of people are the first to tell you."annode
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