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  • Polyphenom VSTi

    Polyphenom AHS
    A Polyphonic Synthesizer Hybrid - Mixing Additive and Subtractive Synthesis


    This is a new VST Instrument by myself and my partner Faxi Nadu, Ocean Swift Synthesis
    Polyphenom Countains 3 Oscillators, Unison, FM, Extended Modulations and Effects - It Has a fun workflow capable of pretty cool ambient soundscapes, meditative sounds, hypnotic bells, pads and whatever you wish to craft

    I think ambient producers, jammers, remixers & all alike... can find enjoyment in our new instrument, we are music producers ourselves more into psychedelic chillout & Trance (our projects are ""Atom Sessions"" and ""Faxi Nadu"")
    This is why I decided to post it here!

    In case you wanna find it more about polyphenom, try the demo & purchase
    visit us at

    Preset Showcase:
    Polyphenom comes with +250 presets, these are just a few of the sound capabilities

    A Few Demo Tracks:

    Peace Out
    Ocean Swift Synthesis
    Craft deep polyphonic Additive Pads and soundscapes, or Powerful Subtractive Melodies, or even better... Mix them together! and Add a unique touch, of Polyphenom! A 3osc Hybrid Synthesizer

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    Really looking forward to checking this out, Fernando..I already own Aeolian Meditation,so I'm expecting good things from you guys.


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      thnks man! for cheking Aeolian Meditation and for the words! thats very cool, i think youl like this aswell, the Additive OSC on top is the same idea has Aeolian meditation but this one adds 2 extra Subtractive OSCs , its in polyphonic and adds a unison aswell. All this gives Polyphenom a Vibe of its own, it has some parts inspired on Aeolian but its a totally different animal by now


      • #4 I said, I'm really looking forward to getting it. One thing I love about Aeolian is the way you can just sit down and mess around with it and get some really nice drones out of it..even more so when you layer various results together. By the sounds of it, Polyphenom is like that, too..which is cool if that's the case.