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  • Naviar Records
    started a topic Figments by Desu ExSounds is out!

    Figments by Desu ExSounds is out!

    This is Naviar's fifteenth solo release.
    Digital + Streaming + CD.

    A "homegrown" of Naviar's community, Constantin Blu, aka...
    Figments by Desu ExSounds, released 10 September 2021 1. Unsettling Past 2. Echoic Memory 3. Glass City 4. Loneliness Proximity 5. Summit Clears 6. Set Sail How we recall, how Emotions imprint in us, the sound of mother Nature, the big City, our Loneliness, our struggles, the Voice that soothe our pain, the Voice that fuels our Dreams, to conquer the Past and reach for the Summit, Our best. to Sail, with Hope, into the Unknown. Figments is an introspective journey depicted through ethereal soundscapes: personal experiences that define us yet result from intimate contemplation that little has to do with objective experience. In concert, mind and surroundings create a new world, where the boundaries between reality and abstraction seem feeble, non-existent. Field recordings make way for subtle ambient layers: a metaphor of the world being absorbed and reinterpreted by our consciousness. What’s left is a path made of memory, experience, feelings that become the compass that guides us through the intricacies of life. Like waves, perpetual melodies break through the veil of reality and force us to look within, question ourselves and what defines us. Figments is a celebration of the inner voice, the one that can shape reality so that we can live within its boundaries while being truly, unquestionably ourselves. About the artist: A "homegrown" of Naviar's community, Constantin Blu, aka DesuExSounds, started producing ambient and soundscapes by picking up the Naviar's Haiku challenge almost four years ago to explore and develop creativity through music as a tool for self-knowledge and interaction. Previously just a passion, Constantin has co-authored musical projects for dance and theatre in the Bucharest scene with friends who have a special home town in common: Onesti. "Figments" is the first ambient solo album that coagulates this journey, reflects the personal bond, and draws inspiration from Naviar's artistic ethos.
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  • Void Worshiper
    started a topic My "old" albums finally on YouTube

    My "old" albums finally on YouTube

    I wanted to show off that I decided to publish two albums I relased in 2019/20 on Youtube. It is something new to me, because my physical relases was...
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  • Ice Locus
    started a topic "Beyond the Loci" by Ice Locus

    "Beyond the Loci" by Ice Locus

    I am more than thrilled - I just released my first album ever called "Beyond the Loci" last week on Friday on Bandcamp.

    I discovered...
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  • Ice Locus
    started a topic Greetings from Canada! Ice Locus

    Greetings from Canada! Ice Locus

    Hello! I'm Jared, a metal 3D Printing Engineer by day, sonic explorer by night. Ice Locus is my experimental synthesis project from the icy heart of...
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  • Spacecraft
    started a topic Spacecraft - Evening Star (Album)

    Spacecraft - Evening Star (Album)

    New album "Evening Star" out now available on all streaming platforms:

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  • Doormat Matador's "Transmissionary 404" (Article)

    "Transmissionary 404" is a wonderful dark ambient album that I cannot recommend enough. I've written an article on it in my AO blog, linked...
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  • Article on Doormat Matador's "Transmissionary 404"

    I've written yet another article, this time detailing Doormat Matador's "Transmissionary 404." It's a really wonderful album, and I'd encourage...
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  • zweiton
    started a blog post Release Talk IV

    Release Talk IV

    Today, I bring you a very unique release from an artist called Doormat Matator. This release, called "Transmissionary 404," is one of the most...
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  • New to the forum with an Album I released at the start of the year

    Hi Everyone

    I'm so happy to have found this forum of like minded listeners. Here is an album of my music that I released at the beginning...
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  • 'suspended mid-air' box set - relative systems + sevenism (2021 RPM Challenge)

    Hello friends! I'm super happy to share this project with you as it's probably the most excited I've ever felt about an album as a whole.

    suspended mid-air [3 tape box set] by relative systems + sevenism, released 22 February 2021 1. tape i: good morning sunshine 2. slow dawn 3. smog sunrise 4. commute 5. supersymmetry 6. 3a 7. dry sinkhole 8. wormhole 9. tape ii: memories i no longer forget 10. disorganization 11. how it used to be 12. rnd1c old memory 13. floorboards 14. i wanted a life in aviation 15. grain 16. abode 17. tape iii: in the absence of light 18. sepulcre 19. still night 20. 4am refrigerator 21. outer cove stream 22. antisepulcre 23. bell barrow RPM Challenge 2021 relative systems (CAN) + sevenism (UK) suspended mid-air [3 tape box set] tape 1: good morning sunshine slow dawn smog sunrise commute supersymmetry 3a dry sinkhole wormhole tape 2: memories i no longer forget disorganization how it used to be rnd1c old memory floorboards i wanted a life in aviation grain abode tape 3: in the absence of light' sepulcre still night 4am refrigerator outer cove stream antisepulcre bell barrow
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  • "Off The Map" -project with Nemesis, Juha-Matti Rautiainen & Kimmo Heikkilä

    Today the latest physical album that I’m featured is released. The album in question is actually a collaboration between three parts: Finnish ambient...
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  • Brock
    started a topic Cycles & Ruins

    Cycles & Ruins

    A few weeks ago i started listening to ambient, noise and lowercase (i belive) and felt inspired.
    I started writing some tracks and i put out 2...
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  • new album: relative systems/sevenism - jupiter, from earth.

    After being away from music for over 3 years, the pandemic got me interested in my synths again. After I blew the dust off my keyboards, I began chatting...
    jupiter, from earth. by relative systems + sevenism, released 10 January 2021 1. walk. 2. summit. 3. evening sky, dappled moonlight. 4. battles + peace coda. 5. snowstorm [hourly] motion. 6. morning sky, overcast. 7. wander. 8. ghost harbour. 9. slow [hourly] motion. 10. vacuum. 11. [hourly] motion, sparrow stretch. 12. evening sky, forever. all works composed by relative systems and transformed by sevenism to create rich atmospherics and melodic scenes alike. this is the first album going by the name relative systems and not shadowmaster-fx. made with love and uncertainty.
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  • Absence
    started a topic Absence - In Circles

    Absence - In Circles

    New EP of mine! More piano based than I’ve typically done, a bit inspired by Eno/Budd collaboration albums. Also spent some time experimenting with...
    In Circles by Absence, released 12 December 2020 1. In Circles 2. Seven Flowers 3. Whispers of Night
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  • 3ricCarlson
    started a topic I just released my first ambient album

    I just released my first ambient album

    So I posted my first ever ambient song on here a few weeks back based on a few positive comments I decided to make a 10 song album that will be available...
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