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  • Check out "Nine" from my unreleased album "Back to Ambience"

    I released "Nine" on the 3rd of March 2023 and it's a return to my more ambient style, check it out on spotify new release ...
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  • Ambient House From Northern Ireland, UK

    Introduction to Ambient House
    03-13-2023, 09:07 AM
    Hey Everyone

    I'm a Electronic Digital Music producer from the UK, Northern...
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  • AmbientHouse
    started a topic Introduction to Ambient House

    Introduction to Ambient House

    Hey Everyone

    I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I am an Ambient, electronic, #house, music producer from the UK, Northern...
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  • algeventual
    started a topic algeventual-language of nonbeing

    algeventual-language of nonbeing

    My new deep ambient track I just released today! Would love to know what you think!
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  • Hi There I´m New and im Trying to make Relaxing Youtube Videos

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to introduce my channel dedicated to ambient and relaxing music. My goal is to create a space where you can escape...
    Welcome to our channel where we provide you with the best relaxing ambient videos to help you unwind and de-stress. Our videos feature stunning visuals and calming sounds of nature, such as the soothing sound of rain, the peaceful chirping of birds, and the gentle flow of a river. These videos are perfect for background ambiance while you work, meditate, sleep, or just relax. So sit back, relax, and let the sounds of nature take you to a peaceful and calming state of mind. Don't forget to subscribe for more relaxing videos! #relaxation #ambientmusic #nature
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  • algeventual
    started a topic algeventual-indifferent (new single)

    algeventual-indifferent (new single)

    My new single available everywhere, I'd love to know what you think!
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  • Orphean_Vault
    started a topic Remastered Night:Skies

    Remastered Night:Skies

    Dear AO Community,

    it's been a while since I've posted my first EP Release NIGHT:SKIES here. A lot has happened since then and I was able...
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  • Clowdy
    started a topic Clowdy - Lighthouse

    Clowdy - Lighthouse

    Hello! Please, check my new ambient guitar track!

    Music: Eugene Krasnov (Clowdy)
    Video: Mykolay Chuk
    Location: Denmark, Bovbjerg...
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  • SlothsInMotion
    started a topic Sloths In Motion - VI

    Sloths In Motion - VI

    I Hope You Enjoy This Track From My First EP The Long Road Home

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  • FredK
    started a topic Jade Eternal - full album (electro-ambient)

    Jade Eternal - full album (electro-ambient)

    Hi there !

    I wanted to share with you guys the release of my new album. It can be found on any platforms but I'm just linking YT and BC here....
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  • Teros.midi
    started a topic Emerald / Ashroot double single :)

    Emerald / Ashroot double single :)

    Heyyyyy <3 im teros a nonbinary (they/them plz) producer from tulsa Oklahoma and I just dropped 2 new songs (the first being the more primarily ambient...
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  • ShoeHorn
    started a topic Sally's Sandcastle

    Sally's Sandcastle

    Hello All,

    Lets face it, dreams are weird, and this dream is no exception. Sally's sandcastle is a dream within a soundscape ...
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  • "Immer pünktlich mit kaputten Uhren" by Emil Sin Clair (Neoclassical Ambient)

    In English the title means "Always on time with broken watches".

    It's a pretty meditative piece about what I find to be the biggest...
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  • Edward Givens
    started a topic The Butterfly's Dream

    The Butterfly's Dream

    The title to this piece comes from a famous poem by the Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu:
    once upon a time I dreamt that I was a butterfly, fluttering...
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  • Ice Locus
    started a topic Container Experiments EP

    Container Experiments EP

    I'm super excited to announce that my brand new EP called "Container Experiments" is now released on my Bandcamp page.

    Container Experiments by Ice Locus, released 02 December 2022 1. Welcome 2. Walls 3. Flow 4. Farewell During the first ten months of 2022, most of our belongings were in storage due to a sewer flood at home. After the repairs were complete, I had access to our empty steel container for only one evening where we had stored our furniture. I loved the echoes and reverb tail of the space. "Containers Experiment" is an exploration of sonic resonances in this empty 20 foot long x 8.5 foot high storage container. I started off by calculating what sound frequencies and notes may produce standing waves in the air. Then I brought in a bag of instruments (a duduk, a spherical tongue drum, a thunder tube, and some friction mallets), my hands, and voice to see how they would react in the space. This EP takes the listener from our reality as we enter the container, into an other-worldly sonic universe using my improvised percussion and duduk performances mixed with other sounds I recorded in the container run through various granular synthesizers. The result is lush pads, choirs of my voice, robotic bloops, cascading bells, and melancholy granularized duduks. It ends by bringing the listener back home to our unedited reality where semi-trailers and passenger jets are passing by outside. Track #1 "Welcome" The door opens on the container as the listener enters the space. Instantly they are in a hybrid space of this reality with another universe. Pitch-shifted duduk pads and friction mallets dragged along the walls resonate the structure. An interlude of mallets hitting the walls introduces the improvised tongue drum bells that are drenched in the duduk pad sounds. Track #2 "Walls" My untrained voice morphs into a choir as my fists pound on the walls. The robot bloops are actually processed duduk sounds. A percussion-solo follows using a large thunder tube instrument, frictional mallets, and the steel walls - all played over the "Ah's" of the choir. Track #3 "Flow" This universe is an amorphous flow of sound and time. The listener is surrounded by cascading temporal bells moving forwards and backwards in the 4th dimension. My pitch-shifted whistling and mallet strikes are the sonic soil for the other sounds to grow on. The improvised duduk phrases add to the mysterious atmosphere. Track #4 "Farewell" Granularized duduk is the sad farewell song as the listener leaves this alternate universe and returns home. The low rumble of plane engines ebbs and flows as the traveller rides the sound waves back. It ends back in this reality with the unedited recording of the spherical tongue drum as semi-trucks drive by and I walk out of the container shutting the door behind me.
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