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  • Edward Givens
    started a topic The Butterfly's Dream

    The Butterfly's Dream

    The title to this piece comes from a famous poem by the Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu:
    once upon a time I dreamt that I was a butterfly, fluttering...
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  • Ice Locus
    started a topic Container Experiments EP

    Container Experiments EP

    I'm super excited to announce that my brand new EP called "Container Experiments" is now released on my Bandcamp page.

    Container Experiments by Ice Locus, released 02 December 2022 1. Welcome 2. Walls 3. Flow 4. Farewell During the first ten months of 2022, most of our belongings were in storage due to a sewer flood at home. After the repairs were complete, I had access to our empty steel container for only one evening where we had stored our furniture. I loved the echoes and reverb tail of the space. "Containers Experiment" is an exploration of sonic resonances in this empty 20 foot long x 8.5 foot high storage container. I started off by calculating what sound frequencies and notes may produce standing waves in the air. Then I brought in a bag of instruments (a duduk, a spherical tongue drum, a thunder tube, and some friction mallets), my hands, and voice to see how they would react in the space. This EP takes the listener from our reality as we enter the container, into an other-worldly sonic universe using my improvised percussion and duduk performances mixed with other sounds I recorded in the container run through various granular synthesizers. The result is lush pads, choirs of my voice, robotic bloops, cascading bells, and melancholy granularized duduks. It ends by bringing the listener back home to our unedited reality where semi-trailers and passenger jets are passing by outside. Track #1 "Welcome" The door opens on the container as the listener enters the space. Instantly they are in a hybrid space of this reality with another universe. Pitch-shifted duduk pads and friction mallets dragged along the walls resonate the structure. An interlude of mallets hitting the walls introduces the improvised tongue drum bells that are drenched in the duduk pad sounds. Track #2 "Walls" My untrained voice morphs into a choir as my fists pound on the walls. The robot bloops are actually processed duduk sounds. A percussion-solo follows using a large thunder tube instrument, frictional mallets, and the steel walls - all played over the "Ah's" of the choir. Track #3 "Flow" This universe is an amorphous flow of sound and time. The listener is surrounded by cascading temporal bells moving forwards and backwards in the 4th dimension. My pitch-shifted whistling and mallet strikes are the sonic soil for the other sounds to grow on. The improvised duduk phrases add to the mysterious atmosphere. Track #4 "Farewell" Granularized duduk is the sad farewell song as the listener leaves this alternate universe and returns home. The low rumble of plane engines ebbs and flows as the traveller rides the sound waves back. It ends back in this reality with the unedited recording of the spherical tongue drum as semi-trucks drive by and I walk out of the container shutting the door behind me.
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  • algeventual-stares from the blind clouds (Free Bandcamp Album Codes!!!)

    Free Download codes for my ambient experimental album on Bandcamp!- I'd love to know what you think of it!!


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  • "Es passiert" by Emil Sin Clair (Dark Symphonic Ambient)

    Welcome to the end times. It happens. Stay calm, be brave. Every end is a new beginning.
    Where is darkness, there is light. Embrace the darkness....
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  • VY CM - Crux (live gig at Oblivion fest in Planetarium 1)

    Hey folks! Our first live gig record came out!
    Album was recorded at a live in Planetarium 1 (Saint-Petersburg).
    Each track is dedicated to...
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  • algeventual
    started a topic stares from the blind clouds

    stares from the blind clouds


    Hi, I just released...
    stares from the blind clouds by algeventual, released 04 November 2022 1. almost 2. choice concern 3. stare 1 4. afraid of 5. stare 2 6. vulnerabilities 7. before nothing 8. stare 3 9. after living 10. forgetting 11. stare 4 12. stare 5 13. scape 14. stare 6 15. mortality 16. stare 7 17. inexorable sacrifice
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  • Windy Hill - ambient nature video w/music

    It's feeling like fall here in New England, so sharing an ambient nature piece I filmed way out in the woods north of Boston on an icy afternoon in late...
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  • clu
    started a topic CLU - Terraforming

    CLU - Terraforming

    Something I have been working on, I call it "OMA" for Old Man Ambient !! lol
    Terraforming by CLU, released 11 October 2022 1. Prism 2. Terraforming 3. Dream in Color 4. Interlude of Sorrow 5. Circular 6. Lost at Sea 7. Endless
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  • North Atmos - Broken Paris / My first steps into the world of ambient music


    a while ago I released my first ambient production, Broken Paris.
    It's a song about my somewhat strange journey to Paris.
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  • Orphean_Vault
    started a topic NIGHT:SKIES EP


    Hey there,

    on 15th July I've finished my first EP called "NIGHT:SKIES".
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  • Orphean_Vault
    started a topic Hey there! I am Orphean_Vault

    Hey there! I am Orphean_Vault

    Hey guys,

    I am Orphean Vault, self-taught musician from South Germany, who started with electronic ambient music one year ago. Disabled with...
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  • South Fells Bridge - ambient nature video

    Here is a video for summer. This is a short ambient nature piece filmed in the woods north of Boston, Massachusetts. I filmed it in late July when the...
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  • UNDERSTATEMENTS Vol.1 | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the new, wintery and charming album by the...
    UNDERSTATEMENTS Vol.1 by Pete Swinton, released 29 April 2022 1. Understatements Part One 2. Understatements Part Two 3. Understatements Part Three 4. Understatements Part Four 5. Understatements Part Five 6. Understatements Part Six 7. Understatements Part Seven 8. Understatements Part Eight Listen to the new, wintery and charming album by the master of the brain-effective drones. I could only be talking, of course, about the British artist, composer, arranger and improviser based in Indonesia, Pete Swinton, who has been receiving a lot of praise for his weekly work here on this netlabel, always with something new to listen to, very beautiful, very fine , fresh and ready for you to enjoy it, within the wide tonal universe of Ambient Music, whether dark or colored. A masterpiece based essentially on icy hypnotic drones and some sequenced bass synthesizers that demonstrate the artist's references to the Berlin school in a more morbid way that is the hallmark of this illustrious composer. Pay attention to the details of the sound layers applied with those formulas that dominate your mind and you will know why Pete Swinton is today one of the main artists occupying the top of the world stage.
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  • Eat Acid See Good | Anti-Media Foundation | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to kill once and for all our longing for...
    Eat Acid See Good by Anti-Media Foundation, released 23 April 2022 1. 1959 2. Anarchy Rado 3. The Tory Heart 4. Eat Acid, See God 5. Masquerading As A Thought 6. The Zoo 7. Stranger Danger Listen to kill once and for all our longing for the most beloved avant-garde music group anonymous by choice, who built their renowned career on Ralf Bevis aka Arzathon's Roden Tapes label, setting the trend through the cassette distribution culture of unconventional music that today has repercussions on current production in home studios and netlabels like ours. The sinister and darkly countercultural post-global combo Anti-Media Foundation has its name engraved on the walk of fame of extremely chaotic radical experimentalism with a provocative bias with subliminal sound messages. An album rich in instruments and sounds found unconventional with glassy timbres that add to the ambiences of table guitars generating paralyzing drones do justice to the name of this album that is ready to appear in yours and in the most eclectic collections within music essentially outside of what known as the compositional pattern.
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  • SPIN-INDUCED THROW | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the new sound investigation by Indonesian-based...
    SPIN-INDUCED THROW by Pete Swinton, released 22 April 2022 1. Spin Part One 2. Spin Part Two 3. Spin Part Three 4. Spin Part Four 5. Spin Part Five 6. Spin Part Six (I) 7. Spin Part Six (II) 8. Spin Part Six (III) 9. Spin Part Seven Listen to the new sound investigation by Indonesian-based British composer, arranger and improviser Pete Swinton who has brought crowds to our netlabel with his weekly releases covering the most important and widespread sub-genres of contemporary and avant-garde Ambient Music ranging from landscapes from profoundly obscure sounds to meditative soundscapes of pure mental immersion. In the brand new and beautiful album "SPIN​-INDUCED THROW" that we proudly present to our dear listeners today, the acclaimed composer of dreamy moods explores high-pitched drones and virtuosic arpeggios with low tones transiting more melancholic musical scales. A beautiful piece of poetic and thought-provoking sound art in digital format for you to take with you and enjoy Pete Swinton's famous music wherever you want. So settle into the best seat for you right now in this moment and have a great listen.
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