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  • Texture (dark drone field recordings)
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  • Orphean_Vault
    started a topic EP Release "Epicurus"

    EP Release "Epicurus"

    Dear Ambient Online Community!

    Today's the release of my next EP Release "Epicurus" on several streaming and downloading platforms....
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  • New Track/Video of mine. Hope you like it.

    ​Contemporary Architecture with her new idea fo city has merged ancient monumentality with contemporary construction methods with new materials, producing...
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  • Songs of the Skull-King at Gates of Hypnos

    get a look & listen of Songs of the Skull-King - kind of ritualistic norse dark ambient and overtone chanting in honor of skull-king odinn )...
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  • A Virtual Memory - "Shadows on the Cave Wall [Natalie Nagpal Rmx]" Music Video

    At long last, the video for "Shadows on the Cave Wall [Natalie Nagpal Rmx]" from my forthcoming album Item 10: The Necropolis of Animals is...
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  • Presence Exposed - new dark ambient release

    In this difficult time in my country (Ukraine), I have worked after a long pause in music production and finished the album "Presence Exposed"...
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  • sh33hy
    started a topic zzodiacc


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  • DEBUT EP > peste gris - turista digital

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Carlos Durán and I have an ambient/drone project called turista digital. Two months ago, I released my debut EP, called...
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  • rainydayshirts
    started a topic Crumbling [2022-10-05]

    Crumbling [2022-10-05]


    "He sat alone in the darkness of his room with the curtains drawn, slowly crumbling into dust.. and yet he could...
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  • notoms
    started a topic “Ambijens” EP on bandcamp

    “Ambijens” EP on bandcamp

    Definitely the smoothest release to come out of Badger Studio so far, “Ambijens”, an entirety of a life condensed into a 4 track EP. Moving from classic...
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  • ABSTRACTIOUS | Gabriel Pereira Spurr | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    ABSTRACTIOUS by Gabriel Pereira Spurr, released 26 May 2022 1. ABSTRACTIOUS PART I 2. BALLAD FOR ABSTRONAUTS 3. ABSTRACTIOUS PART II Listen to the brand new and second EP for this netlabel by the renowned and celebrated Gabriel Pereira Spurr. The musician, arranger, composer, free improviser and co-founder of the HAMFUGGI Records label together with Jordi Heras Fauque who signs the cover of today's album ABSTRACTIOUS allowed us today for the second time to promote a work of his authorship that sounds very rich in musical references concrete and acoustic. The hallmark of this erudite and virtuous gentleman, born in Uruguay and residing in Argentina, is the variety of electroacoustic sounds in his tracks. In this album he makes it clear that his interest is in the limitless mix of solos, licks and guitar riffs which is his favorite instrument with explosive drums reminiscent of something between Post-Rock/Experimental, Ambient Music and Industrial music, due to the ethereal application of effects on instruments and the metallic sound moods that cover them.
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  • Blackness | MODOR | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to our great mother MODOR aka IO - co-founder...
    Blackness by MODOR, released 07 May 2022 1. Nigredo 2. The Dark Night of the Soul 3. The Shadow Listen to our great mother MODOR aka IO - co-founder of our two netlabels - bringing her much-anticipated newest Harsh Noise album to the delight of her fans around the world. A masterpiece that cinematically approaches the Occult Sciences with soundscapes of harsh noise, a theme that permeates the entire work of sound art by MODOR and that has brought us many followers since we founded this netlabel. In Occultism, nigredo means putrefaction or decay in the pursuit of self-knowledge. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also wrote on this topic applying it to the field of Analytical Psychology. A freely improvised album - in the MODOR way - well thought out with great care and recorded only with the combination of two modular analog synthesizers that duel in the three tracks contained in it. Take the opportunity to listen to it and take it with you to your collection on Bandcamp plus this amazing work by MODOR.
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  • UNDERSTATEMENTS Vol.1 | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the new, wintery and charming album by the...
    UNDERSTATEMENTS Vol.1 by Pete Swinton, released 29 April 2022 1. Understatements Part One 2. Understatements Part Two 3. Understatements Part Three 4. Understatements Part Four 5. Understatements Part Five 6. Understatements Part Six 7. Understatements Part Seven 8. Understatements Part Eight Listen to the new, wintery and charming album by the master of the brain-effective drones. I could only be talking, of course, about the British artist, composer, arranger and improviser based in Indonesia, Pete Swinton, who has been receiving a lot of praise for his weekly work here on this netlabel, always with something new to listen to, very beautiful, very fine , fresh and ready for you to enjoy it, within the wide tonal universe of Ambient Music, whether dark or colored. A masterpiece based essentially on icy hypnotic drones and some sequenced bass synthesizers that demonstrate the artist's references to the Berlin school in a more morbid way that is the hallmark of this illustrious composer. Pay attention to the details of the sound layers applied with those formulas that dominate your mind and you will know why Pete Swinton is today one of the main artists occupying the top of the world stage.
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  • Invocation of The Demon Kings | Fabio Keiner | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the masterfully prolific sound, visual,...
    Invocation of The Demon Kings by Fabio Keiner, released 24 April 2022 1. Invocation 2. Amaymon - Demon King of South 3. Egyn - Demon King of North 4. Oriens - Demon King of East 5. Paimon - Demon King of West 6. Adoration of the Desert-Ghost Listen to the masterfully prolific sound, visual, producer and video artist Fabio Keiner. His debut album here on this netlabel was inspired by a real and authentic demonic invocation to the phalanges of the darkest and most intimidating realms translated by the artist in Drone Sound Layers in the Dark Ambient Music Genre And this daring experiment gave rise to the six somewhat frighteningly immersive tracks on the disc. Listen to this album with headphones to get into the mood of chaotic and bloody horror that takes over the environment after you hit the PLAY key. Those who purchase the album on our Bandcamp receive as a bonus the video teaser that Fabio Keiner developed especially for this release. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the sinister and hostile sound of this audio-visual artist who hits our shelves today with his dark and brain-teasing music.
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  • Arendsoog! | Spycker | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the debut of the prolific and renowned avant-garde...
    Arendsoog! by Spycker, released 21 April 2022 1. Wanted to Smack 2. Strange Hollowing 3. With Every Week 4. Path of a Bicyclist 5. To Do With Anything 6. [ II ] 7. Applicant Juggle 8. Hours Had Ended 9. Snarl of Pipes 10. Next to Mr. Irvine Listen to the debut of the prolific and renowned avant-garde sound artist, Spycker aka Michiel Omtzigt, who has a vast musical career comprising several albums from a wide range of musical subgenres and fills us with pride today by allowing us to spread the word here in this netlabel the new and stupendous musical work that he has just released and is called "Arendsoog!" and we'd love for you to hear that. Spycker recorded this album exploring with his compositional and improvisational mastery, acclaimed and celebrated by his audience, Post-Industrial rhythms with sounds obtained from an old and broken children's synthesizer with which he made some recordings and then reworked them applying some filters to improve the quality of the formerly Lo-Fi sound due to the precariousness of the original instrument. The result was simply magnificent and you can check it out and listen to it again and again from now on on your Bandcamp. ________________________________________________________ "Resource constraints can spark creativity. That’s what they say. And that’s what I was thinking when faced with this shitty 5 dollar children’s keyboard I had lying around. Some of its keys and the left speaker didn’t work. No line output. No nothing, it was just a toy. All I could do was to record a number of crappy keyboard tunes, load these into my DAW and let intuition and chance do its work. And there you have it: an industrial avant noise sensation: Arendsoog!" - Spycker
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