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  • bambientsounds
    started a topic Exoplanet


    Hello friends,

    I am releasing my first EP Exoplanet. I am making the title track available and I have some codes from bandcamp if you like...
    Exoplanet by Bahrambient, releases 20 May 2022 1. Exoplanet 2. Atmospheric Entry 3. Enchanted Forest (Kilometre Club Rework) 4. JD's Requiem (Unknown Observer Rework) Inspired by universe, obsession and imagination of space and what’s out there, this 4-track EP ambient record is for space lovers. Influenced by space exploration movies, the opening title track is meant to capture the moment the space explorers see an unknown planet orbiting from their spaceship for the first time. As the planet becomes closer, it reveals more of its wonder in an unsettling yet exciting way. Enchanted, the explorers set sail for this planet for an adventure, and would never leave this planet.
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  • Invocation of The Demon Kings | Fabio Keiner | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the masterfully prolific sound, visual,...
    Invocation of The Demon Kings by Fabio Keiner, released 24 April 2022 1. Invocation 2. Amaymon - Demon King of South 3. Egyn - Demon King of North 4. Oriens - Demon King of East 5. Paimon - Demon King of West 6. Adoration of the Desert-Ghost Listen to the masterfully prolific sound, visual, producer and video artist Fabio Keiner. His debut album here on this netlabel was inspired by a real and authentic demonic invocation to the phalanges of the darkest and most intimidating realms translated by the artist in Drone Sound Layers in the Dark Ambient Music Genre And this daring experiment gave rise to the six somewhat frighteningly immersive tracks on the disc. Listen to this album with headphones to get into the mood of chaotic and bloody horror that takes over the environment after you hit the PLAY key. Those who purchase the album on our Bandcamp receive as a bonus the video teaser that Fabio Keiner developed especially for this release. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the sinister and hostile sound of this audio-visual artist who hits our shelves today with his dark and brain-teasing music.
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  • Eat Acid See Good | Anti-Media Foundation | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to kill once and for all our longing for...
    Eat Acid See Good by Anti-Media Foundation, released 23 April 2022 1. 1959 2. Anarchy Rado 3. The Tory Heart 4. Eat Acid, See God 5. Masquerading As A Thought 6. The Zoo 7. Stranger Danger Listen to kill once and for all our longing for the most beloved avant-garde music group anonymous by choice, who built their renowned career on Ralf Bevis aka Arzathon's Roden Tapes label, setting the trend through the cassette distribution culture of unconventional music that today has repercussions on current production in home studios and netlabels like ours. The sinister and darkly countercultural post-global combo Anti-Media Foundation has its name engraved on the walk of fame of extremely chaotic radical experimentalism with a provocative bias with subliminal sound messages. An album rich in instruments and sounds found unconventional with glassy timbres that add to the ambiences of table guitars generating paralyzing drones do justice to the name of this album that is ready to appear in yours and in the most eclectic collections within music essentially outside of what known as the compositional pattern.
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  • Spiral Net - Ten Pentas

    I'd probably see this as being within a broader Ambient genre but putting it here as it is quite different in style to most of what I have heard described...
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  • SPIN-INDUCED THROW | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the new sound investigation by Indonesian-based...
    SPIN-INDUCED THROW by Pete Swinton, released 22 April 2022 1. Spin Part One 2. Spin Part Two 3. Spin Part Three 4. Spin Part Four 5. Spin Part Five 6. Spin Part Six (I) 7. Spin Part Six (II) 8. Spin Part Six (III) 9. Spin Part Seven Listen to the new sound investigation by Indonesian-based British composer, arranger and improviser Pete Swinton who has brought crowds to our netlabel with his weekly releases covering the most important and widespread sub-genres of contemporary and avant-garde Ambient Music ranging from landscapes from profoundly obscure sounds to meditative soundscapes of pure mental immersion. In the brand new and beautiful album "SPIN​-INDUCED THROW" that we proudly present to our dear listeners today, the acclaimed composer of dreamy moods explores high-pitched drones and virtuosic arpeggios with low tones transiting more melancholic musical scales. A beautiful piece of poetic and thought-provoking sound art in digital format for you to take with you and enjoy Pete Swinton's famous music wherever you want. So settle into the best seat for you right now in this moment and have a great listen.
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  • snaprecipient
    started a topic (is) - Light Play

    (is) - Light Play

    Light Play is the first full-length collaboration between sound artist Isobel Bess...
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  • To Die Alone | Mental Anguish | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the long-awaited debut of celebrated American...
    To Die Alone by Mental Anguish, released 19 April 2022 1. Player 2. Can I Have Some Time For Myself 3. Liar 4. Meltdown Listen to the long-awaited debut of celebrated American sound artist Chris Phinney aka Mental Anguish. The veteran experimenter and improviser noisemaker was kindly provided for the release of his new album today here on this netlabel by his acclaimed label in the avant-garde music scene, Harsh Reality Music, which allowed him to insert a new masterpiece of his own in our catalog on Bandcamp. Vaporously long soundscapes formed by drones of highly perceptible aesthetic morbidity that were sculpted and painted by a genius of avant-garde imagery and artefactual music who invites you to enjoy his newest record well accommodated in the best place for you and your pair of headphone jack so you don't miss the details of this soundtrack that was composed for your wildest dreams. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get yourself a copy right now of this fantastic sonic journey through art.
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  • Ydiliaf | LON | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the debut EP of the Post-Rock/Experimental...
    Ydiliaf by LON, released 18 April 2022 1. Ydiliaf 2. Myrramon mornings 3. Veluna station 4. The giant Listen to the debut EP of the Post-Rock/Experimental musical project, LON, composed, performed and produced in its entirety by the musician, composer, improviser and researcher in Cinema, Photography, Sci-Fi and Cosmic Demonology, Iuri Minfroy. An album essentially focused on guitars with pedals and experiments in collage of sound excerpts to generate soundscapes that guarantee that pleasant sonic fluency during listening. Four tracks of brain immersion with clear references that were inserted in the right measure by the artist so that you have a great journey through the genres Shoegazer, Post-Rock, Drone, Atmospheric Black Metal, Noise Rock and Slowcore and demonstrate the talent as an arranger and producer of LON in instrumental Indie music. Varied moments of tension and reflection compose the soundscapes full of dynamics of LON who prepared this album for you to listen with affection and keep it in your Bandcamp collection.
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  • Organ | LEZET | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the very versatile producer of unusual music...
    Organ by LEZET, released 16 April 2022 1. Organ 01 2. Organ 02 Listen to the very versatile producer of unusual music LEZET aka Igor Jovanovic. After the respectable success of his first album of industrial noise and his second consecutive album where he explored 8-bit game music - both were released here on this netlabel and you can check that out by accessing our Bandcamp - now he presents his most new and surprising sound investigation in the field of meditative music made that he composed in its entirety with a pipe organ just like the one you find in churches. LEZET is without a doubt a true and great composer of contemporary music improvised freely from outdated aesthetic ideas of a musical conservatory and he makes that clear in this record where references to the minimalism of avant-garde artists such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and finally Terry Riley are added to his limitless creativity as an arranger and virtuoso performer of cerebral and visceral audioscapes.
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  • Kitsune Tsuki (2012) | mora-tau | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to a brand new re-release of the 2009-2013...
    Kitsune Tsuki (2012) by mora-tau, released 13 April 2022 1. kitsunetsuki 2. frozenriver 3. insanity 4. before the day Listen to a brand new re-release of the 2009-2013 series by mora-tau, which has been quite a show. Get ready to listen to an incredibly scary Dark Ambient/Industrial masterpiece with a radical cinematic level formed by moments of great tension and emotion caused in a totally improvised way by the master of sounds that generate thought-provoking images. Kitsune is the theme of this soundtrack that could well have a movie worthy of its time. And it also means fox in Japanese in a folkloric context in which it is a magical being that increases its powers with age and wisdom, one of them being to assume the human form to fulfill its own desires that vary from deceiving to helping people, according to the story in which they appear. He also generates fire from his tail and mouth and can appear in dreams and create illusions. Furthermore, the fourth song "before the day" is about the earthquake that hit Great East Japan on March 11, 2011.
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  • RDKPL | RDKPL | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the debut of the noise project, RDKPL, which...
    RDKPL by RDKPL, released 12 April 2022 1. 220125_05 2. 220125_07 3. 220125_08 Listen to the debut of the noise project, RDKPL, which you've already heard a lot of cool things about, as it belongs to the legendary Czech producer Radek K., who also goes by the name Napalmed, which it's quite possible you already heard long stories and listened to some tracks in compilations of the extreme music genre, if you appreciate an Old School Noise full of timbral variations. An EP with three long tracks totaling around 23min for you to get a taste of what this guy does with his epic synths and pedals, plus a host of other objects he uses to sound loud. So settle in the best place for you, put on your headphones or listen to it loud on your stereo, because this album makes us very proud today to be in our discography and I'm sure you'll love owning this masterpiece by an artist who today holds a position of enormous respect in the extreme music scene.
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  • HYPERBOLE Vol.1 | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to Pete Swinton's brand new and fresh...
    HYPERBOLE Vol.1 by Pete Swinton, released 01 April 2022 1. Hyperbully 2. Hyperviper 3. Hyperball 4. Hypershite 5. Hyperbowl 6. Hypercrom 7. Hyperkafka 8. Hyperdelic 9. Hyperfrog 10. Hyperlogic Listen to Pete Swinton's brand new and fresh musical work called "HYPERBOLE". Drawing on Hyperbolic Geometry and rhetorical exaggerations he has crafted an efficient ten-track album that demonstrates his creative evolution as a composer and improviser of Dark Ambient and Death Industrial and this item of rare finesse is ready for you to taste now. With ritualistic, sometimes epic percussion, high cinematic potential mixed with piercing dark ambiences Pete Swinton takes us through about a darkly enjoyable hour of music designed for you to focus and get the most out of your listening. So get ready for the brand new sound journey of this renowned composer in the underground scene that every week presents a novelty of his vast sonic work only here in this netlabel.
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  • 2​/​0 Ambient Sessions (3 tracks, 2 hours)

    Most of my music starts with some kind of draft project that gradually expands into a full song or several songs. It may take months and even years before...
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  • New drone album "Magical World of Drones"

    Hi I have just released a new album of mostly drone music on Bandcamp. Please feel free to give it a listen if that's your thing.

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  • solafein
    started a topic VY CM - Bootes (debut album)

    VY CM - Bootes (debut album)

    This is our first album, which is dedicated to the Bootes constellation.
    What style do we play? We call it dark space ambient. Let's dive into the...
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