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  • Sonic Bodhi
    started a topic A Guide To Cosmic Travel

    A Guide To Cosmic Travel

    14 track album plus bonus track with $1.50 purchase.

    Ambient soundscapes with experimental elements, electronic palettes, sequences and other...
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  • ABSTRACTIOUS | Gabriel Pereira Spurr | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    ABSTRACTIOUS by Gabriel Pereira Spurr, released 26 May 2022 1. ABSTRACTIOUS PART I 2. BALLAD FOR ABSTRONAUTS 3. ABSTRACTIOUS PART II Listen to the brand new and second EP for this netlabel by the renowned and celebrated Gabriel Pereira Spurr. The musician, arranger, composer, free improviser and co-founder of the HAMFUGGI Records label together with Jordi Heras Fauque who signs the cover of today's album ABSTRACTIOUS allowed us today for the second time to promote a work of his authorship that sounds very rich in musical references concrete and acoustic. The hallmark of this erudite and virtuous gentleman, born in Uruguay and residing in Argentina, is the variety of electroacoustic sounds in his tracks. In this album he makes it clear that his interest is in the limitless mix of solos, licks and guitar riffs which is his favorite instrument with explosive drums reminiscent of something between Post-Rock/Experimental, Ambient Music and Industrial music, due to the ethereal application of effects on instruments and the metallic sound moods that cover them.
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  • BOTCHED | Necroviolence | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the merciless premiere of Necroviolence...
    BOTCHED by Necroviolence, released 12 May 2022 1. Stablust 2. Acrid Bodily Fluids 3. Botched 4. Decay of the Brain 5. Sterilization 6. Final Pulse Listen to the merciless premiere of Necroviolence aka Zach Einsamertod based in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA. The acclaimed and extremely stylish vocalist and keyboardist of the Psychedelic Power Electronics duo, Nudoria, has just released in our store exclusively for our dear listeners his newest album as Necroviolence, an essentially electronic solo project with a modular synthesizer furiously at the top of the volume. . Six beautiful and deliriously angry tracks where LFO's and envelopes are radically abused with patch cables by the celebrated young scientist of nervous noise and consequently they respond in a hostile way generating dissonantly sequenced waves with extreme violence. A masterpiece of noise with patch cables and switches that is ready to integrate your collection, so please don't hesitate to support this talented guy who today joins our staff of artists with a truly triumphant and scathing arrival.
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  • MXB​-​210 | Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil | Grimm Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today at the opening of the netlabel Grimm Goat our dear friend and supporter,...
    MXB​-​210 by Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil, released 06 May 2022 1. MXB​-​210 Listen today at the opening of the netlabel @grimmgoat our dear friend and supporter, Zach Hallquist. He's been a huge contributor to our outreach journey since we made our first @noisygoatchurch netlabel at the end of 2020. And now he's helping us open our newest netlabel with a phenomenal and canonical single, which opens the door to our newest channel for the dissemination of unconventional music that we are very proud to share with all of you from now on, dear listeners. Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil is the iconic musical project by Zach Hallquist based on Ambient/Industrial/Noise composition with field recordings, manipulations and arrangements of which you can check out two albums already released on @noisygoatchurch. A very portentous feat within avant-garde music that mixes percussion loops with reverb effects in a post-apocalyptic martial ambient vibe.
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  • Bode - Repolarity (Reworks by Pete Swinton) | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the stupendous album by Pete Swinton, who...
    Bode - Repolarity (Reworks by Pete Swinton) by Pete Swinton, released 06 May 2022 1. Repolarity 1 Rework Pete Swinton (v1) 2. Repolarity 1 Rework Pete Swinton (v2) 3. Repolarity 2 Rework Pete Swinton (v1) 4. Repolarity 2 Rework Pete Swinton (v2) Listen to the stupendous album by Pete Swinton, who made magnificent reworks of the "Repolarity" recordings that I, Bode, produced in my home studio between 2003/2004 when I started my experiments with VST and DAW. Years later I decided to remaster those tracks and make them available to the Bandcamp audience. It was then that I showed the material to Pete Swinton and he agreed to rework it and I am very proud of that and I thank him very much. Pete Swinton in addition to being a renowned, prolific and unparalleled composer of Ambient Music, demonstrates on this record that he is a very efficient remixer. He simply took some really good moments from my originals and reworked them all with his low-pitched drone machines and their ethereally distorted effects. I am very flattered by this result he has obtained and I hope that you too have the same impressions that I had when listening to this brain-music firecracker.
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  • Biofotones | Eleonora Coloma Casalua/Federico Balducci/Francisco Sanfuentes

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the album that marks the debut here in this...
    Biofotones by Eleonora Coloma/Federico Balducci/Francisco Sanfuentes, released 05 May 2022 1. Hablar solo, hablar sin entender… 2. Rastros de una extinción, que ha sido reconocida. 3. Buscar pronto un lugar como refugio cercano. 4. Revelando con su mano esas voces ahora suspendidas… 5. Miraba este sitio con mucha curiosidad... 6. Una historia que nos pertenece a muchos. Listen to the album that marks the debut here in this netlabel of the great trio of free improvisation and instant composition formed by Eleonora Coloma (piano), Federico Balducci (live electronics with Max) and Francisco Sanfuentes (guitar and effects). This album is the third volume of the trilogy that Federico Balducci developed and produced with Francisco Sanfuentes and is now available for enjoyment on our Bandcamp. This beautiful and visceral musical work demonstrates a trio of highly acclaimed masters in the world music scene without aesthetic limits. We will hear pianist Eleonora Coloma firing off dissonant chords and arpeggios to which guitarist Francisco Sanfuentes responds with reverb ambiences from his prepared strings, while Federico Balducci manipulates the audio signal of both instruments with Max software effects. A masterpiece not to be missed if you love unparalleled music like us.
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  • Invocation of The Demon Kings | Fabio Keiner | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the masterfully prolific sound, visual,...
    Invocation of The Demon Kings by Fabio Keiner, released 24 April 2022 1. Invocation 2. Amaymon - Demon King of South 3. Egyn - Demon King of North 4. Oriens - Demon King of East 5. Paimon - Demon King of West 6. Adoration of the Desert-Ghost Listen to the masterfully prolific sound, visual, producer and video artist Fabio Keiner. His debut album here on this netlabel was inspired by a real and authentic demonic invocation to the phalanges of the darkest and most intimidating realms translated by the artist in Drone Sound Layers in the Dark Ambient Music Genre And this daring experiment gave rise to the six somewhat frighteningly immersive tracks on the disc. Listen to this album with headphones to get into the mood of chaotic and bloody horror that takes over the environment after you hit the PLAY key. Those who purchase the album on our Bandcamp receive as a bonus the video teaser that Fabio Keiner developed especially for this release. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the sinister and hostile sound of this audio-visual artist who hits our shelves today with his dark and brain-teasing music.
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  • Attilion - It's So Wonderful (4th Album - New Release)

    Hi, Everyone!

    We Attilion would like to share a good news for you all that after 4 years of waiting,
    finally we launch a brand new...
    It's So Wonderful by Attilion, released 14 April 2022 1. Space Competition 2. New Life on New Land 3. Planet Overload 4. Preparing For Mars 5. Space Act 6. Rotten Melon Blues (2021 Version) 7. Noon (2021 Version) 8. Traveling (2021 Version) 9. Rex (2021 Version) 10. Setan Korona We're so glad to release our 4th album after 2 years of pending due to the pandemic situation. There are 6 new tunes and 4 old tunes in remake version. Hope you all enjoy it!
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  • World Beyond | Napalmed Monk | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the sinister Indian guru of opaque walls...
    World Beyond by Napalmed Monk, released 14 April 2022 1. World Beyond Listen to the sinister Indian guru of opaque walls of harsh industrial noise that crush everything around them. Napalmed Monk aka Hatiyar who owns the renowned label in the Underground scene, Ulka Pind Records, in addition to being an excellent music producer and sound technician, arrives from now on breaking everything around him, as he is debuting with an album of pure demolition. and musical and sound decontextualization in 2022 here in this netlabel. An extremely concrete sound wall of harsh noise that aggregates with countless other extremely concrete walls of distorted noise taking you to the ecstasy that you can easily reach either using headphones or turning your stereo to full volume. So be sure to benefit from this memorable feat in terms of deconstructing conservative concepts of Musicology and make a copy to be among the top albums of the musical genre on Bandcamp.
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  • TRUE and FALSE | Joseph Nechvatal | The Church of Noisy Goat

    1980s-1990s Cassette Culture Archives Thank you so much for your kind support!

    Hello listeners!
    TRUE and FALSE by Joseph Nechvatal, released 11 April 2022 1. TRUE and FALSE (1) 2. TRUE and FALSE (2) Listen to the album "TRUE and FALSE" ebulliently marking the debut of the recognized phenomenal sound artist Joseph Nechvatal here on this netlabel. He who has an acclaimed and vast career in the musical avant-garde genre of collage of sounds gave us his celebrated album so that we can present it today to our dear listeners and they in turn get to know a little of this musical work so well spoken by critics and the public. . This amazing album of today was originally released by Nechvatal as a cassette tape in 1985 and it contains two killer tracks that correspond to two sides of a half hour long cassette tape. Experimenting with lo-fi arrangements and remixing on audio channels with samples of found sounds from the 80's era ranging from vocal loops, bass lines, guitar solos and drum rolls make this album a must-have historical piece for your music. collection on Bandcamp. _______________________________________________________ Re-release of True and False, a cassette by Joseph Nechvatal originally released in 1985 by XOX-001 cassette Review of True and False from the Continuo Weblog  The reuse of the reuse, continued. In True and False, Joseph Nechvatal keeps on recycling the sonic debris of the spirited mid-1980s, and even reuses some samples and sound clips from a previous cassette, Sleep (1983). The composer’s technique of sound collage and cut-up likens True and False to a huge aural paraprosdokian, in as much as the beginning of a sentence is pasted with the end of another, and a music excerpt is interrupted by another. I guess this utmost nonsense is what makes the tape such an hilarious experience, more than the ridicule of some sound excerpts. Whatever, we are treated with extensive excerpts from Miles Davis’ Get Up With It, moronic Japanese anime fight sounds, the Ghostbusters soundtrack (tr.#1, 8:40), Hollywood films dialogues, Brian Eno, New Order, etc – plus Joseph’s own synthesizer for good measure. In his introduction to Guido Cavalcanti Rime, Ezra Pound wrote that poets were “the great condensers of words” (from Margaret Fisher’s Ezra Pound’s Radio Operas, MIT, p. 149), and I would extend this description to Joseph Nechvatal, himself a great condenser of aural delicacies.
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  • Void Worshiper
    started a topic Autechre - EP7

    Autechre - EP7

    Did I ever write here about LSD Dream Emulator soundtrack? It would be weird If no, because I'm huge fan of game and soundtrack itself. Music there is...
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  • Unm
    started a topic My new EP "PLETORA" is out

    My new EP "PLETORA" is out

    Hi! My new EP "PLETORA" is out and I'd like to share it in the Ambient Online community.

    You can listen to it for free on my Bandcamp...
    Unai Manterola Pletora, released 04 March 2022 1. Delirium Machina 2. Another Sea 3. To Orion
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  • The Shadow That Melts The Flesh

    Hello fellow fans. May I have a moment of your time?
    I perform under the name The Shadow That Melts The Flesh, though you can call me Brett....
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  • Soft Note
    started a topic

    Let me introduce our label.

    Have a nice time listening our music. Feel free to ask any questions. Russia. is an independent music label from Russia. We hope that our music will touch the strings of your soul. We are glad to cooperate with musicians who share our tastes for music.
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  • bonsai2004
    started a topic Sleep Installer

    Sleep Installer

    Hey, I go by bonsai2004 and I'm a 17 year old artist from Toronto, Canada. I just released a 12 track album and I thought I'd share it here to get some...
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