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  • ABSTRACTIOUS | Gabriel Pereira Spurr | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    ABSTRACTIOUS by Gabriel Pereira Spurr, released 26 May 2022 1. ABSTRACTIOUS PART I 2. BALLAD FOR ABSTRONAUTS 3. ABSTRACTIOUS PART II Listen to the brand new and second EP for this netlabel by the renowned and celebrated Gabriel Pereira Spurr. The musician, arranger, composer, free improviser and co-founder of the HAMFUGGI Records label together with Jordi Heras Fauque who signs the cover of today's album ABSTRACTIOUS allowed us today for the second time to promote a work of his authorship that sounds very rich in musical references concrete and acoustic. The hallmark of this erudite and virtuous gentleman, born in Uruguay and residing in Argentina, is the variety of electroacoustic sounds in his tracks. In this album he makes it clear that his interest is in the limitless mix of solos, licks and guitar riffs which is his favorite instrument with explosive drums reminiscent of something between Post-Rock/Experimental, Ambient Music and Industrial music, due to the ethereal application of effects on instruments and the metallic sound moods that cover them.
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  • BOTCHED | Necroviolence | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the merciless premiere of Necroviolence...
    BOTCHED by Necroviolence, released 12 May 2022 1. Stablust 2. Acrid Bodily Fluids 3. Botched 4. Decay of the Brain 5. Sterilization 6. Final Pulse Listen to the merciless premiere of Necroviolence aka Zach Einsamertod based in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA. The acclaimed and extremely stylish vocalist and keyboardist of the Psychedelic Power Electronics duo, Nudoria, has just released in our store exclusively for our dear listeners his newest album as Necroviolence, an essentially electronic solo project with a modular synthesizer furiously at the top of the volume. . Six beautiful and deliriously angry tracks where LFO's and envelopes are radically abused with patch cables by the celebrated young scientist of nervous noise and consequently they respond in a hostile way generating dissonantly sequenced waves with extreme violence. A masterpiece of noise with patch cables and switches that is ready to integrate your collection, so please don't hesitate to support this talented guy who today joins our staff of artists with a truly triumphant and scathing arrival.
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  • Blackness | MODOR | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to our great mother MODOR aka IO - co-founder...
    Blackness by MODOR, released 07 May 2022 1. Nigredo 2. The Dark Night of the Soul 3. The Shadow Listen to our great mother MODOR aka IO - co-founder of our two netlabels - bringing her much-anticipated newest Harsh Noise album to the delight of her fans around the world. A masterpiece that cinematically approaches the Occult Sciences with soundscapes of harsh noise, a theme that permeates the entire work of sound art by MODOR and that has brought us many followers since we founded this netlabel. In Occultism, nigredo means putrefaction or decay in the pursuit of self-knowledge. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also wrote on this topic applying it to the field of Analytical Psychology. A freely improvised album - in the MODOR way - well thought out with great care and recorded only with the combination of two modular analog synthesizers that duel in the three tracks contained in it. Take the opportunity to listen to it and take it with you to your collection on Bandcamp plus this amazing work by MODOR.
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  • MXB​-​210 | Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil | Grimm Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today at the opening of the netlabel Grimm Goat our dear friend and supporter,...
    MXB​-​210 by Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil, released 06 May 2022 1. MXB​-​210 Listen today at the opening of the netlabel @grimmgoat our dear friend and supporter, Zach Hallquist. He's been a huge contributor to our outreach journey since we made our first @noisygoatchurch netlabel at the end of 2020. And now he's helping us open our newest netlabel with a phenomenal and canonical single, which opens the door to our newest channel for the dissemination of unconventional music that we are very proud to share with all of you from now on, dear listeners. Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil is the iconic musical project by Zach Hallquist based on Ambient/Industrial/Noise composition with field recordings, manipulations and arrangements of which you can check out two albums already released on @noisygoatchurch. A very portentous feat within avant-garde music that mixes percussion loops with reverb effects in a post-apocalyptic martial ambient vibe.
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  • noisygoatchurch
    started a topic Compilation - call for tracks submission

    Compilation - call for tracks submission

    Cut-Up: A Music Compilation in Honor of William S. Burroughs

    Dear listeners and supporters!

    After the warm and kind reception...
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  • RDKPL | RDKPL | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the debut of the noise project, RDKPL, which...
    RDKPL by RDKPL, released 12 April 2022 1. 220125_05 2. 220125_07 3. 220125_08 Listen to the debut of the noise project, RDKPL, which you've already heard a lot of cool things about, as it belongs to the legendary Czech producer Radek K., who also goes by the name Napalmed, which it's quite possible you already heard long stories and listened to some tracks in compilations of the extreme music genre, if you appreciate an Old School Noise full of timbral variations. An EP with three long tracks totaling around 23min for you to get a taste of what this guy does with his epic synths and pedals, plus a host of other objects he uses to sound loud. So settle in the best place for you, put on your headphones or listen to it loud on your stereo, because this album makes us very proud today to be in our discography and I'm sure you'll love owning this masterpiece by an artist who today holds a position of enormous respect in the extreme music scene.
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  • TRUE and FALSE | Joseph Nechvatal | The Church of Noisy Goat

    1980s-1990s Cassette Culture Archives Thank you so much for your kind support!

    Hello listeners!
    TRUE and FALSE by Joseph Nechvatal, released 11 April 2022 1. TRUE and FALSE (1) 2. TRUE and FALSE (2) Listen to the album "TRUE and FALSE" ebulliently marking the debut of the recognized phenomenal sound artist Joseph Nechvatal here on this netlabel. He who has an acclaimed and vast career in the musical avant-garde genre of collage of sounds gave us his celebrated album so that we can present it today to our dear listeners and they in turn get to know a little of this musical work so well spoken by critics and the public. . This amazing album of today was originally released by Nechvatal as a cassette tape in 1985 and it contains two killer tracks that correspond to two sides of a half hour long cassette tape. Experimenting with lo-fi arrangements and remixing on audio channels with samples of found sounds from the 80's era ranging from vocal loops, bass lines, guitar solos and drum rolls make this album a must-have historical piece for your music. collection on Bandcamp. _______________________________________________________ Re-release of True and False, a cassette by Joseph Nechvatal originally released in 1985 by XOX-001 cassette Review of True and False from the Continuo Weblog  The reuse of the reuse, continued. In True and False, Joseph Nechvatal keeps on recycling the sonic debris of the spirited mid-1980s, and even reuses some samples and sound clips from a previous cassette, Sleep (1983). The composer’s technique of sound collage and cut-up likens True and False to a huge aural paraprosdokian, in as much as the beginning of a sentence is pasted with the end of another, and a music excerpt is interrupted by another. I guess this utmost nonsense is what makes the tape such an hilarious experience, more than the ridicule of some sound excerpts. Whatever, we are treated with extensive excerpts from Miles Davis’ Get Up With It, moronic Japanese anime fight sounds, the Ghostbusters soundtrack (tr.#1, 8:40), Hollywood films dialogues, Brian Eno, New Order, etc – plus Joseph’s own synthesizer for good measure. In his introduction to Guido Cavalcanti Rime, Ezra Pound wrote that poets were “the great condensers of words” (from Margaret Fisher’s Ezra Pound’s Radio Operas, MIT, p. 149), and I would extend this description to Joseph Nechvatal, himself a great condenser of aural delicacies.
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  • noisygoatchurch
    started a topic [Netlabel] The Church of Noisy Goat

    [Netlabel] The Church of Noisy Goat

    The Church of Noisy Goat is a netlabel created by visual and sound artists IO and Bode in November 2020.
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  • Void Worshiper
    started a topic Autechre - EP7

    Autechre - EP7

    Did I ever write here about LSD Dream Emulator soundtrack? It would be weird If no, because I'm huge fan of game and soundtrack itself. Music there is...
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  • bonsai2004
    started a topic Sleep Installer

    Sleep Installer

    Hey, I go by bonsai2004 and I'm a 17 year old artist from Toronto, Canada. I just released a 12 track album and I thought I'd share it here to get some...
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  • bonsai2004
    started a topic Crescent


    Hello, I've recently released an EP that carries various ambient, drone, and noise elements. This project is inspired by industrial landscapes and the...
    Crescent by bonsai2004, released 16 November 2021 1. Crescent 2. Parksand 3. Signal's Exit 4. Vega 5. Speller Clip 6. Net Fragment
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  • abstract shadows of mind - collab alnum with Scott Lawlor

    released at:

    promo video-clip:
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  • TwentyFivePastNine
    started a topic GOF NIARB


    I made this Dark Ambient / Drone / Noise song out of recordings of boiling water cookers and drills

    Bandcamp download codes...
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  • solafein
    started a topic New "VY CM" dark ambient release

    New "VY CM" dark ambient release

    VY CM - is ambient project witch is dedicated to stars and constellations.
    ⭐️Our new dark ambient track has been released! Enjoy!⭐️
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  • Dead Give a Way (Full EP) - TaytorsPrecious is a good way to get a vibe for the project, it is the full EP with a visualization for each song.
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