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  • Arendsoog! | Spycker | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the debut of the prolific and renowned avant-garde...
    Arendsoog! by Spycker, released 21 April 2022 1. Wanted to Smack 2. Strange Hollowing 3. With Every Week 4. Path of a Bicyclist 5. To Do With Anything 6. [ II ] 7. Applicant Juggle 8. Hours Had Ended 9. Snarl of Pipes 10. Next to Mr. Irvine Listen to the debut of the prolific and renowned avant-garde sound artist, Spycker aka Michiel Omtzigt, who has a vast musical career comprising several albums from a wide range of musical subgenres and fills us with pride today by allowing us to spread the word here in this netlabel the new and stupendous musical work that he has just released and is called "Arendsoog!" and we'd love for you to hear that. Spycker recorded this album exploring with his compositional and improvisational mastery, acclaimed and celebrated by his audience, Post-Industrial rhythms with sounds obtained from an old and broken children's synthesizer with which he made some recordings and then reworked them applying some filters to improve the quality of the formerly Lo-Fi sound due to the precariousness of the original instrument. The result was simply magnificent and you can check it out and listen to it again and again from now on on your Bandcamp. ________________________________________________________ "Resource constraints can spark creativity. That’s what they say. And that’s what I was thinking when faced with this shitty 5 dollar children’s keyboard I had lying around. Some of its keys and the left speaker didn’t work. No line output. No nothing, it was just a toy. All I could do was to record a number of crappy keyboard tunes, load these into my DAW and let intuition and chance do its work. And there you have it: an industrial avant noise sensation: Arendsoog!" - Spycker
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  • The Luminant Ones- Berlin morphing to Ambient

    Another track with 3 instances of Reaktor 6 generative music ensemble Node-E, The first instance is attached to Moog Prodigy Reaktor...
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  • Topaz- Experimental, with Drum Machine

    From the 'Way Back Machine' Archives- originally recorded in 1988 on a 4-track portastudio at Necronomicon Productions Studio. Equipment:...
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  • Coming soon on patchpool: Resonantia for Chromaphone 2 - pre-order now and save 20+%

    Some fresh sounds for Chromaphone 2 are in the patchpool pipe:

    Resonantia is a sonic universe in which the laws...
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  • Coming soon on patchpool: Aureus Ventus for HALion 5 - pre-order now and save 20%

    I am now working on my second library for the one and only HALion 5:

    Aureus Ventus - Golden Wind - is a unique...
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  • Soundset/Sample Library Framedrum for Alchemy released on patchpool

    Framedrum for Alchemy contains multisampled framedrum instruments with up to 4 velocity layers and 8 variations per sample (Round...
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