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  • Ozan Aydın - A Turning Point (with free DL codes)

    Hello everyone,

    Free download codes for my new album "A Turning Point"

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  • ShoeHorn
    started a topic Sally's Sandcastle

    Sally's Sandcastle

    Hello All,

    Lets face it, dreams are weird, and this dream is no exception. Sally's sandcastle is a dream within a soundscape ...
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  • Help me emulate the Sound from Zeit and sunrise in the third system

    How can I emulate the synth sound from tangrine dreams Zeit title track from 2:30 to 4:30 (and from many other points in the song) and from sunrise in...
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  • Ice Locus
    started a topic Container Experiments EP

    Container Experiments EP

    I'm super excited to announce that my brand new EP called "Container Experiments" is now released on my Bandcamp page.

    Container Experiments by Ice Locus, released 02 December 2022 1. Welcome 2. Walls 3. Flow 4. Farewell During the first ten months of 2022, most of our belongings were in storage due to a sewer flood at home. After the repairs were complete, I had access to our empty steel container for only one evening where we had stored our furniture. I loved the echoes and reverb tail of the space. "Containers Experiment" is an exploration of sonic resonances in this empty 20 foot long x 8.5 foot high storage container. I started off by calculating what sound frequencies and notes may produce standing waves in the air. Then I brought in a bag of instruments (a duduk, a spherical tongue drum, a thunder tube, and some friction mallets), my hands, and voice to see how they would react in the space. This EP takes the listener from our reality as we enter the container, into an other-worldly sonic universe using my improvised percussion and duduk performances mixed with other sounds I recorded in the container run through various granular synthesizers. The result is lush pads, choirs of my voice, robotic bloops, cascading bells, and melancholy granularized duduks. It ends by bringing the listener back home to our unedited reality where semi-trailers and passenger jets are passing by outside. Track #1 "Welcome" The door opens on the container as the listener enters the space. Instantly they are in a hybrid space of this reality with another universe. Pitch-shifted duduk pads and friction mallets dragged along the walls resonate the structure. An interlude of mallets hitting the walls introduces the improvised tongue drum bells that are drenched in the duduk pad sounds. Track #2 "Walls" My untrained voice morphs into a choir as my fists pound on the walls. The robot bloops are actually processed duduk sounds. A percussion-solo follows using a large thunder tube instrument, frictional mallets, and the steel walls - all played over the "Ah's" of the choir. Track #3 "Flow" This universe is an amorphous flow of sound and time. The listener is surrounded by cascading temporal bells moving forwards and backwards in the 4th dimension. My pitch-shifted whistling and mallet strikes are the sonic soil for the other sounds to grow on. The improvised duduk phrases add to the mysterious atmosphere. Track #4 "Farewell" Granularized duduk is the sad farewell song as the listener leaves this alternate universe and returns home. The low rumble of plane engines ebbs and flows as the traveller rides the sound waves back. It ends back in this reality with the unedited recording of the spherical tongue drum as semi-trucks drive by and I walk out of the container shutting the door behind me.
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  • algeventual
    started a topic stares from the blind clouds

    stares from the blind clouds


    Hi, I just released...
    stares from the blind clouds by algeventual, released 04 November 2022 1. almost 2. choice concern 3. stare 1 4. afraid of 5. stare 2 6. vulnerabilities 7. before nothing 8. stare 3 9. after living 10. forgetting 11. stare 4 12. stare 5 13. scape 14. stare 6 15. mortality 16. stare 7 17. inexorable sacrifice
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  • fm outt
    started a topic A Series of Sound Collages v.2

    A Series of Sound Collages v.2

    Fonbient invites you to take part in the creation of a new, large-scale series of sound collages.
    The goal of the project: using "controlled...
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  • clu
    started a topic CLU - Terraforming

    CLU - Terraforming

    Something I have been working on, I call it "OMA" for Old Man Ambient !! lol
    Terraforming by CLU, released 11 October 2022 1. Prism 2. Terraforming 3. Dream in Color 4. Interlude of Sorrow 5. Circular 6. Lost at Sea 7. Endless
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  • Apocalyptic Vibes Volume 3: Concrete Desert

    Continuation of the Apocalyptic Vibes ambient series

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  • BlackWeald - From the Dust of the Old Hungarian Plains... [rural ambient]

    Hi folks!

    I'm stuck with 3-4 huge projects I'm working on, and frankly, I've crumbled under their weight. Started with one,...
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  • Orphean_Vault
    started a topic NIGHT:SKIES EP


    Hey there,

    on 15th July I've finished my first EP called "NIGHT:SKIES".

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  • notoms
    started a topic Ambijens EP by notoms

    Ambijens EP by notoms

    Definitely the smoothest release to come out of Badger Studio so far, “Ambijens”, an entirety of a life condensed into a 4 track EP. Moving from classic...
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  • Time Stops | mora-tau/Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to a collaboration that is at the very least...
    Time Stops by mora-tau/Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi, released 22 May 2022 1. timestop Listen to a collaboration that is at the very least unusually amazing and also totally exclusive here on this netlabel for the enjoyment of our dear listeners: the Japanese mora-tau aka 岩崎剛典, the creator of darkly cinematic soundscapes and the Italian poet , eloquently provocative, Antonella "EYE" Porcelluzzi found themselves in their personal connected studios and made an album memorable and ready to occupy your Bandcamp record shelf. Exactly 26 minutes and 26 seconds composed of tense and soft moments translated into synthetic sounds generated by the sound machine laboratory of the master mora-tau accompany the short and shrewdly cutting verses of AEP in a diegetic vibration applied in the right measure and that you will hear now and have an invasion of mental images that will show all this that I hope from the bottom of my heart that you don't miss it at all. So please settle in and have a great trip.
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  • StacyHassett
    started a topic Rhode Island Radiostar

    Rhode Island Radiostar

    Rhode Island Radiostar by Stacy Hassett, released 09 May 2022 1. Long TIme 2. Rhode Island Trapper 3. Summer 4. Cash Shit 5. Dirty Sprite 6. We Don't Want Her 7. Can't Sleep Inspired by Cash Carti and all of Cloud Rap
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  • MXB​-​210 | Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil | Grimm Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today at the opening of the netlabel Grimm Goat our dear friend and supporter,...
    MXB​-​210 by Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil, released 06 May 2022 1. MXB​-​210 Listen today at the opening of the netlabel @grimmgoat our dear friend and supporter, Zach Hallquist. He's been a huge contributor to our outreach journey since we made our first @noisygoatchurch netlabel at the end of 2020. And now he's helping us open our newest netlabel with a phenomenal and canonical single, which opens the door to our newest channel for the dissemination of unconventional music that we are very proud to share with all of you from now on, dear listeners. Palazzo's Monstrosity Coil is the iconic musical project by Zach Hallquist based on Ambient/Industrial/Noise composition with field recordings, manipulations and arrangements of which you can check out two albums already released on @noisygoatchurch. A very portentous feat within avant-garde music that mixes percussion loops with reverb effects in a post-apocalyptic martial ambient vibe.
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  • HOMO CRETINOUS | Pete Swinton | The Church of Noisy Goat

    Hello listeners!

    Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the composer of Ambient Pete Swinton gambling...
    HOMO CRETINOUS by Pete Swinton, released 15 April 2022 1. HC Intro 2. HC Part One 3. HC Part Two 4. HC Part Three 5. HC Part Four 6. Theme For The Mobile Phone Addict 7. HC Part Five 8. HC Part Six 9. HC Part Seven 10. HC Part Eight Listen to the composer of Ambient Pete Swinton gambling with dark and acid drones with a mesmerizing rhythm, in addition to doing in this release a sonically critical review of the involved state - in Swinton's opinion - to which contemporary man arrived after having evolved a Homo Sapiens totally dependent on widgets and gadgets to benefit as we can see in the title and cover of HOMO CRETINOUS. Basic percussion kits of about four pieces each, dreamy-weather synths and drone basses are the formula for doing a lot more with very little that Pete Swinton used to compose these ten thoughtful tracks. In this album you can confirm this with the multiple references that range from arpeggios to long sounding climates marked by percussions in cycles sometimes in four by four, sometimes in more abstract tribal measures and quite daring and contagious rhythms that the producer applied in the arrangements.
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