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Sunn O))) thread

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  • Sunn O))) thread

    Ok, I think this is something some of us need on this forum. There is TD thread as good as I remember so I think those dronny guys deserves a thread too. I hope some drone people will have nice discussion over here.
    Well, about Sunn O))) in my view, it was my very very first ambiental music. It got me into this music while I was searching for more and more extremal music. But I think they don't record as good albums as on the begining already. My personal Favourite are Grimmrobes, 00 Void and Flight of Behemoth. Black Album is fine, but too metal in my opinion. White albums are too overcomplicated for me, and even fact that Attila Csihar is there didn't convinced me (I'm big fan of this guy in ambiet/experimental music, try Gravetemple Ambient Ruin). For me Grimmrobes and Void is the best what Sunn O))) made in it's classical "lets make big whoooo" style, and Flight Of Behemoth is the best experimental album from this guy. Also Masami Akita (Merzbow) on this album is one big Whoa. I'm huge fan of those 3 albums, but I don't get rest of Sunn O))) discography.

    How about You? You have some very favourite albums of those guys? You wanna share how You found them? Lets open this Sunn O))) Thread
    Big Bwhooooo for you brothers

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    would probably be better in the General Music Chat sub-forum...
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      Well maybe, I had really no idea where to put it to be honest