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My self released album - MAÑANA ESTARÁ BIEN -

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  • My self released album - MAÑANA ESTARÁ BIEN -

    Hello everybody!
    Hope you are all doing well. Best regards from Venezuela
    Really nice place to discover music and this time is my first posting here

    I released Mañana estara bien as the first album of my solo project. Being guitar driven melodies over looped samples the best way to describe it. Hopefully fits into what is known as Downtempo

    1. Vamos al mar
    2. Wave
    3. Heroes
    4. Saferide (feat. Mario Viloria)
    5. Thieves
    6. Mer
    7. Mañana estará bien (feat. Tata Rodriguez)
    8. Enlaces
    9. El Lamento

    Link to a virtual exposition with Visuals for each track. Released by Centro Bellas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo (2020, Venezuela)