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Surfacing - Fractal Animation

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  • Surfacing - Fractal Animation

    It's been a while, have been busy creating a new fractal animation. For the first time in collaboration with the skilled visual fx artist K-OZ. Here is the result, made 2nd place in the animation/video competition at the Revision 2014 Demoparty in Saarbrücken, Germany.

    Oh, and the soundtrack is not very ambient, more like... not at all. Sorry about that. =) Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

    (If you like to watch it in high quality, you can download the original video here.)

    Now, back to making music...

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    Really nice work. Many parts of it looked like sci-fi movies I'd want to see.

    Nice soundtrack too.


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      Wow, incredibly beautiful! I can only quote aoVI "Many parts of it looked like sci-fi movies I'd want to see" - indeed!


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        Stunning. Loved the part at 3:03 with those weird green alien looking things that "grew".


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          How it took me this long to get around to watching this I have no idea...but man I'm so glad I did! Wow.

          For the record, YOU my friend were the one who introduced me to the jWildfire program, and from that I've created all the artwork for Ascendant since then. Eternally grateful!

          This is like the apprentice (me) coming back and viewing the master's (you) work, it's incredible. I can tell the opening is jWildfire for sure...and there are others. I have yet to crack into the video're already there in spades.

          Excellent work! (enjoyed the track too.) ;)

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            Great video and a great soundtrack to go with it. I loved the dissolve FX at 2:40.

            Good work
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              Great work & congrats! Really enjoyed your video and music So I admit, I've been living in some backwater place or something I guess, but I just discovered the DemoScene phenomenon in the last year or so. And I am amazed by all these videos.
              And thanks for introducing S1gns to jWildfire so that he would mention it in this thread…I hadn't heard of it, but wanted to find affordable apps to explore fractals on my Mac. Been playing with it and it's great.

              Again, enjoyed this video greatly. Thanks for sharing it with us here at AO!!
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                Awesome stuff, looks almost like fractal flame from apophysis and parts of some mandelbulber style fractal... I loved it!