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I do painting with pastel pencils, and sometimes watercolour pencils

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  • I do painting with pastel pencils, and sometimes watercolour pencils

    I was browsing around and just noticed this forum.
    Well, I guess I said it all in the tittle of the message.

    Here is some of my work.

    I do this as a hobby. Usually a couple of hours on saturday mornings.

    Feedback welcome

    Any other painters around?

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    I did pastels/pencils when I was in school about 10 years ago. It was very satisfying, although my abilities with traditional media were severely lacking. Like anything, I suppose it takes time to perfect the craft, but I never followed up on it after the classes were over, preferring instead (like in music) to work digitally.

    Some nice stuff there--I see we share an interest in "things in space". I'll give about any movie a try if it is in space.


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      Very cool!

      I know Richy Tronik is a painter. You might message him just to say hello. I'll direct him to this thread the next time I talk to him online.

      Cheers and thanks for sharing,
      S1gns Of L1fe
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        Hello AlienXXX. I just checked out your paintings my good friend. Yikes!! Edinburgh Castle is an absolute cracking painting. I really like that night time moody feel to it. The street lights remind me of huge fire flies. The overall painting is really well done. Though I am more of an abstract painter. Like paintings shapes a lot. mainly squares or oblongs and just going nuts to without thinking or planning. I reach inside of me and just paint :D

        But yeh you have definitely got an eye for detail. Space Shuttle another smashing painting. And Lord Of The Clouds yet another classic. Great title for a track to. But all in all. All your work is very nice to look at and can brighten some ones day in a micro second. Like mine. Thats the beauty of painting though. Like it captures our feelings and can bring a brand new joy for some one else.

        Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful gems.
        Fantastic stuff m8 :tu:

        life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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          Hey guys, thanks for the nice words.

          I haven't done a lot of abstract. Actually only 1 painting so far, and I am pretty sure it is not even on my Flickr account at the moment (The photo I had was pretty bad),
          I intend to frame it, though, and when I do I will take a proper photo and upload to Flickr. I will let you know, as I would be curious to hear your oppinion of it.

          I have another abstract planned. It is a colourfull thing. So I might do it in the winter to cheer me up.

          Space is definetely one of my passions. So, yeah, it does show in the paintings.
          Certainly a theme that I will come back to time and again.
          Plus, pastel pencils on a black (or dark) paper looks really good, so it is just begging for paintings of outer space...