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youtube videos,...anyone care to share their experience?

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  • youtube videos,...anyone care to share their experience?

    hi, i've pondered putting a few music videos online. so far so good,... but I realized I have no clue how to proceed. I'm not aiming at anything special...a mix of still photography and the occasional cell-phone-footage, I guess. I tried to do some research, but that somehow came up inconclusive...apparently there's window movie maker. I'm wondering whether some of you guys have experience with these things? I'd be interested in how you line up audio with images, for example. But most importantly, I'd love to hear what software you are using. I'll need a platform to edit/cut these clips...I guess, ideally there would be an open-source alternative...something like GIMP, but for video editing? Any advice highly appreciated...thanks for chiming in! - phoenstorm

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    Windows Movie Maker is a basic package that I have used in the past but do not any more, because I have a better package now (Adobe Premiere Elements 11, which is great but not free). If you're trying to make a pretty simple video, WMM can see you through, though it has been said to me that it is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard for making decent stuff. If you're a MAC user, MACs usually come with some pretty excellent basic software: IMovie. I have used that in the past too, and is about one of the only things on a MAC that I can use. But for all my videos now, I use Premiere Elements 11. (An example: ).
    And here's something I made on IMovie:
    I do recommend GIMP for the still images; I use that a lot on Linux and have made all the artwork for my CDs with it.
    With regards to uploading videos, I would recommend the website Vimeo. Regardless of what Google will have you believe, putting on something on Youtube does not make you world famous; that's never happened to me with the few that I have put up. I prefer Vimeo because: the videos there are generally of higher quality; they stream faster; there's less copyright infringement going on there; and the community is much better, as in people don't feel the need to start arguments in the comments.
    Hope that helps you.


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      Excellent, thanks a lot! Really helpful reply! Somehow my computer refuses to display those videos, will try & fix that. I think you're right with those caveats about youtube & imminent fame it's another channel to get your stuff out there, but what I find intriguing is coupling sound & image, ambient has that visual side to it... I like vimeo, too! When I tried to stop by recently, I was immediately prompted to sign it members only now? At any rate, thanks a lot for your advice, will look into affordable commercial solutions like Adobe Elements


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        Youtube can be a really great way to self promote if enough time is put into it. I would highly reccomend pursuing it since the community there is so large. It is also a lot easier sometimes to direct people to a youtube video of a sound compared to other sites since people are really familiar with the platform.

        I like Vimeo too, and the previous poster is totally right about less infringement there, a better community, and definately centered more on high art than just any garbage people put online. That being said I haven't personally wanted to pursue it as hard mostly because the userbase is much smaller.

        I like your idea of having a visual aspect to the sound as well. Normally what I do is just to extend a single image up to the length of a song but you're right that something a little more interesting can be very captivating.

        I'm on Linux but I'm pretty sure most or all of the software I use has Windows builds also. The programs I'd reccomend for videos/images ( all ones I use ) are OpenShot, Avidemux, and like you said GIMP.


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          I've done a lot of work with video in the last few years, but my favorite tool to use is Adobe After Effects CC, with Boris Continuum Complete 9 plugin (if you can afford it) I don't feel that static images command the attention as much as moving footage or animation of some kind. Here are a few of my YouTube videos as example:

          some of these go as far back as 2012

          I've done some work creating sound tracks for other videographers as well- here's a recent one I did for Blurgirl Productions, I believe she used Apple's iMovie to make the video.

          If you want to see more examples of my stuff, just go to YouTube and put Sonic Bodhi in the search engine and choose my channel.


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            Personally I use Nero to create both simple and more elaborate videos for YouTube. Here you can see a proper music video I did for my Noctilucant project:
            All the video footage was shot a few winters ago, and I had it just laying around so it seemed like a good idea to finally make use of it.


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              I've seen some cool videos being done with software. It's drawing and animating with code, though it seems easy enough to pick up from what little I've played with it (my coding skills are limited to html and some basics of css etc years ago, but the video tutorials help immensely and it's not as intimidating as it first looked. It does 3d as well but I haven't gotten anywhere close to trying that)

              sounds and visuals there are random, and uses Beads as well which I haven't tried but
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                I've tried a few simple ones but I must admit they're time consuming and not my cup of tea to do

                YouTube is fine, what I don't like is that often within minutes of an upload you get some ridiculous copyright challenge which you have to spend time challenging.


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                  I had recently been wondering if game making software like Unity or CryEngine would be good for videos, machinima at least. There's animation too I think it would all be fun to do, and I may try it down the road somewhere, but it's definitely all time consuming and I'd rather make music as well.
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                    I have been using MovieMaker in Win7, which has its hair-raising limitations and cludgyness as others mentioned... I was mainly combining my photos into a musical slide-show with effects and transitions, so for that purpose was reasonably OK. Timing the transitions to the musical passages is fiddly to put it mildly, but in the end can do things along the lines of
                    The fade / transition times are following a very inhuma(e) logic, so it can be a bit of a self-control exercise after some tens of minutes of fiddling with it