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  • Painting

    Something I really enjoy, but don't do very often, is painting with oils. I love how smooth I can get gradients with oils as opposed to acrylics, which dry too quickly for my tastes.

    Here's an example of one painting I started for school, but was never able to finish:

    I'm horrible at faces, though, so King Arthur (this is a copy of a "real" painting, done for a class project) looks kinda...weird.

    Maybe I'll finish it somedays.

    Here's an acrylic I did. You might recognize my subject:

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    It's so crazy how many similarities we have here...I LOVE painting with oils!!! I haven't done it in awhile...simply because I have no studio. I got into painting these abstract pieces in college...lots of experimentation. I even had a couple exhibits! There are lots of parallels one could draw between art and music...especially ambient music and the creation of it. We are obviously creative types, drawn to many different forms of media ultimately using them as an outlet to express that inner need to create stuff! :cool: I'm sure I have a photo or two of my work buried in a box somewhere...I'll dig it out someday and show you!!!

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      Nice Can we see more?
      I used to paint with tempera, but it took too long and I wasn't patient enough, so I eventually quit. Now I use the computer with pretty much the same approach, but it takes less time and it's A LOT less messy... I kind of miss drawing with ink and painting at times, though. Not enough to start again, however.


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        Nice work, the acrylic kermit is especially impressive to me, just from the jpg I would have guessed it was oils.

        I painted for years, it's un-doable right now due to having two small kids...even my "studio" as such has my instruments placed in high places where they can't be gotten to.