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(AVAILABLE NOW!) Call for Submissions: Ambient Online Compilation 5

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  • (AVAILABLE NOW!) Call for Submissions: Ambient Online Compilation 5

    Here we go...Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 5!


    Without any doubt, the ambient online compilation series has easily become the largest and most high quality ambient compilations ever to be released. I am constantly receiving comments from listeners and participants about not only of the massive scale of it all, but how good the music is and how it keeps getting better with every new compilation. The AO community has solidified our place in the hearts, minds, and playlists of hundreds of fans all around the world. Can we do it again? Absolutely. This is your chance.


    1) You will need to be a registered member of the Ambient Online Forums--we'd love to get to know you!

    2) Each member may submit up to 2 individual tracks, as well as 2 collaborative tracks with other members. Collaborations are encouraged!

    3) This will be a digital release so it's total length is not an issue, but due to the enthusiastic response from our membership please try to limit tracks to less than 25 minutes each.

    4) New, unreleased tracks are preferred. We are developing an exclusive collection available only from Ambient Online.

    5) Tracks should be unmastered (leaving headroom between -3dB and -9dB). Basically just don't make it really loud and in the red on the meters.

    6) When submitting your track(s) please use .wav, .aif, or flac file format.

    7) title your file in the following format: artistname_songtitle. For example, Reverb Fred sends in a .wav called "Ambient Beard" : reverbfred_ambientbeard.wav

    8) Your submissions will be used to promote and help keep Ambient Online up and running. Sales of the compilation go directly to the hosting and maintenance of the site.

    9) Participants retain their rights to release submitted tracks in future - if you want to publish your submitted track some day somewhere, you can.

    10) Have fun and don't worry. No matter your experience level or studio size. We are a supportive and positive community and are here to share and exchange ideas. Participation in events like the Ambient Online Compilations promote building bonds within our community.

    SUBMISSIONS DUE: October 1st, 2015

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to message me.


    p.s. It goes without saying but once again, this is the MEGA THREAD for the next 45 days. Please use it to confirm participation, collaborate with other users, talk to each other, just about everything. We are now on our 5th compilation and I don't know how we can get any bigger...we're already the biggest and best around. Let's make it a good one! :rockon:
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    Excellent news, loved the last compilation. I'd better get creative
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      I confirm my participation.

      One question: Are collab tracks counted for single participant? For example: I submitted two individual tracks, can I submit third collab track?
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        Originally posted by MetaDronos View Post

        I confirm my participation.

        One question: Are collab tracks counted for single participant? For example: I submitted two individual tracks, can I submit third collab track?
        Yes, thank you for asking. In the past I have accepted third and fourth tracks from artists who collaborate with others because collaborations have proven to be a different sonic experience than solo releases.

        Bring on the collaborations!

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          Hi. I'm assuming that the dropbox folder that you had set up for volume 4 is the same one for this volume/ Also, do you have a release date in mind? If it's going to be near the end of October, I may try to do something really creepy for Halloween. Oh, and if anyone wants to collaborate with me on tracks, you can send me a private message or follow me on twitter, username @sklawlor. Twitter is honestly better because sometimes I have difficulty replying to messages on these types of forums. This is going to be a great release, and as before, I'll feature it on a multipart Blind Flight special.


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            maybe i'll join in on this


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              I might be able to contribute something too. Probably a collab with someone since I'll be returning to University this September, but this time as a postgraduate.


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                I have been looking forward to this. Since I missed the submission deadline for AO Compilation 4, I have had a track waiting on deck since April for volume 5. PM coming your way ASAP, S1gns! :D
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                  I hope I'll be able to make this. I'll be doing some long-distance travelling over the next few weeks. With luck, I'll have some time for music when I return.
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                    ohmygodjesustitty fucking christ i wanna hop on this again. I just downloaded an assload of new VSTs and am in the midst of putting a new album out too so holy shit YES im def gonna be a part of this. My track will be much better than the last track i had on vol. 4. Promise.

                    love you all. <3


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                        I'm up for it. Anyone want to collaborate... PM me :thumbsup:
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                          Cool! I will contribute something for sure.


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                            I will certainly be submitting a couple of tracks.
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                              Man I'm so thankful for the email notifications you send out when you start a call for submissions. Always brings me back.
                              I've grown a lot since I was last on here. I think I'm gonna want to show that on this compilation! Maybe even collab with my buddy Aeth

                              Anyhow, yeah I'm definitely in.
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