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(AVAILABLE NOW!) Call For Submissions: AO Compilation - Volume 7

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  • (AVAILABLE NOW!) Call For Submissions: AO Compilation - Volume 7

    It’s that time of year again! Let’s do this...

    The AO Compilation Series: Volume 7

    Welcome space traveller! You’ve reached the destination for submissions for the Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 7. What is the AO Compilation Series? It’s the largest compilation of user supported ambient music ever created! We do it for one keep our little ambient space station operational as we journey on through the cosmos. Ambient Online is most active user supported forum for ambient music in the universe. We simply ask our users twice a year to participate and create music for our “compilation albums” which have propelled the careers of many who have submitted. Will you participate and join the ranks of those before you? This is it!


    1) You will need to be a registered member of the Ambient Online Forums to participate.
    2) Each member may submit up to 2 individual tracks, as well as 2 collaborative tracks with other members. Collaborations are encouraged!
    3) This will be a digital release so it's total length is not an issue, but please try to limit tracks to less than 25 minutes each.
    4) Brand new, unreleased (this includes SoundCloud and bandcamp!) tracks are preferred. We are developing an exclusive collection available only from Ambient Online.
    5) Tracks should be unmastered (leaving headroom between -3dB and -9dB). Basically just don't make it really loud and in the red on the meters.
    6) When submitting your track(s) please use .wav, .aif, or flac file format.
    Important!---> 7) Title your file in the following format: artistname_songtitle. For example, Reverb Fred sends in a .wav called "Ambient Beard" : reverbfred_ambientbeard.wav
    8) Your submissions will be used to promote and help keep Ambient Online up and running. Sales of the compilation go directly to the hosting and maintenance of the site.
    9) Participants retain their rights to release submitted tracks in future - if you want to publish your submitted track some day somewhere, you can.
    10) Have fun and don't worry. No matter your experience level or studio size. We are a supportive and positive community and are here to share and exchange ideas.

    TO SUBMIT YOUR TRACK: Upload it somewhere (Dropbox, Hightail, SoundCloud (private track), or WeTransfer) and send me the link.

    SUBMISSIONS DUE: October 15th, 2016

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.


    p.s. This is the MEGA THREAD for the next 50 days. Please use it to confirm your participation, offer yourself for collaboration with other users, or talk about anything else related to the compilation. This is volume 7! Seven is a good number, right? Can we make this the largest compilation ever? Here we go! :highfive:
    S1gns Of L1fe
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    I only release my stuff on vinyl now, so...

    pats man-bun


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      Originally posted by aoVI View Post
      pats man-bun
      aoVI with a man-bun? :doh:
      S1gns Of L1fe
      Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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        Originally posted by S1gnsOfL1fe View Post
        Originally posted by aoVI View Post
        pats man-bun
        aoVI with a man-bun? :doh:

        anytime you need to hyphenate something previously existing with a gender identifier it's usually not a good choice. See: Man-purse, guyliner, manwich, etc.


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          Time to get to work then, I've got a bunch of ideas! :-)


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            anyone wanna collaborate? pm me on here and we can work something out.
            my dark ambient discord server:
            my dark ambient group:
            my music:


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              Count me in.
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                Cool. I would be interested in collaborating with someone new.
                I may pull something unreleased out of the archives too.


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                  Count me in again too
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                  | @da


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                    Very much interested in collaborating. Have a few ideas laid out.



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                      I may try something different this time.
                      Whatsisname's Little Fluffy Clouds | Campsite | Hearthis | SeismicTC | Twitter | Ello


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                        I seem to always try something different...even if I do not intend to. :eek: I just roll that way I guess.

                        I will definitely try something for this compilation. And I can almost guarantee it will be different, in a good way I hope!!


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                          Magnesson / ontol will be contributing a track


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                            Time to get work. I'm very interested.

                            Lähetetty minun GT-I9305 laitteesta Tapatalkilla


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                              Hey Great
                              would like to contribute this time (missed out on comp. no. 6)
                              will it be ok to submit recordings from a live performance?
                              Visit me at: