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  • Feedback Looper pedal

    Hi all,

    I have a passive feedback looper. It's cool to try with different effects, but can get out of hand really easily and reach ear-piercing volumes. I don't want to destroy my guitar amps either so my hand is always on the feedback amount knob on the pedal.

    I want to get a new feedback looper that has expression pedal out. Barge concepts used to make one but they're out of business and it's impossible to find second hand:

    I've contacted a few builders, seem like they can build one. But I want to get some opinions from people who are familiar with these issues. It's claimed that active (vs. passive) feedback looper has important advantages, mainly sound quality and sensitivity of the controls (like feedback volume/amount). It's actually really annoying that the feedback amount knob on my passive looper doesn't do much until the very end of the range, and then there's very little difference between manageable feedback to blow-the-speakers feedback. However, active looper costs twice as much. What do you think?

    And the expression pedal thing is not so straightforward as I thought. These things also have an impedance value and the passive pedal cannot drive many expression pedals. The active one can. But on another forum, I got the suggestion that placing a volume pedal after the last pedal in the loop would be enough to control feedback, and when I tried this tonight, I got good results. I don't know what advantage an active pedal would bring over this.

    And more generally, how do you use your feedback looper? What pedals do you put in the loop? I'm starting this thread with the hope that fb loop users can share their experience whether about the logistics or the musical use of feedback.

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    Not being someone who owns a FB-looper, I might not have enough credibility to answer this. I did think of a couple of things though:

    1) Try posting this exact question on DIYstompboxes or freestompboxes maybe. They are both very friendly forums and you might get more exact answers regarding pot values and whatnot.

    2) I do think the issues about your passive FB-looper is about the pot value. What pot do you have in it now? I wouldn't know what to switch for, but the people in said forums would

    3) I work alot with feedback, and i have found a few things that reaaalllyy stand out to me. If you own an old school digital delay (Digitech PDS-series, DOD FX9*-series or old rack delays. The Digitech timebender would also work here) which changes the pitch when altering delaytime you can make really cool drones with low pitches. If it also has an infinite function then you have hit a home run. When using several of these delays and only feedback going into them, you can build up beautiful chords and make it sound really synth-y. I have a video of it if you want to see how I do. It's not a feedback looper, just regular infinite feedback

    4) Regarding the expression-pedal. I see what you are getting at, but think again: is it really necessary? While I'm working with feedback I most certainly isn't standing upp and jamming on my guitar to it. I'm more likely to be on my knees and fiddle with knobs. I'm just saying, maybe the extra dough isn't worth it just to be able to do that with your feet? A volume pedal early in the chain might be able to tame feedback, or make it stop entirely. Since its a feedback loop anyways, I would buy a really cheap plastic one (this one maybe, if they ship to turkey:

    Best of luck to you!!


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      i use a TSA(total sound annihilator) tho up until i bought it i had not thought much bout feedback loopers.i really bought it cuz of the name and the price.i had some of the same problems but i found the volume pedal an ez fix and im just usin a cheap proel.i like to hook up multi fx pedals to it cuz w/ each different effect i use i git a different reaction from the TSA. i use an old zoom from back when multi fx just started bein a thing and i use a cheap behringer plus when i use them together i git a real wild ride and then i just go from there into my old 70's phaser into my crybaby into my metal zone mixed into my gt-3 and then out to several delays and sampler/loopers...


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        i have the same TSA that i run through a fuzz and a delay and a volume pedal with great results