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Sounds From Below; an archive for ambient related writings.

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  • Sounds From Below; an archive for ambient related writings.

    Well, as the title suggests I started a page dedicated for writing on ambient music some time ago. The page is just taking its baby steps and I'm not the best writer out there, but I'm sure these things will evolve and get better in time. What can I say; I like writing and listening to new music, and that's all needed for now! I hope you could check out the page by clicking the link below, give me some feedback and maybe hint some new tunes for me as well. Happy readings and let's keep in touch!

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    just started to have a short view on your blog - and it looks very fine just to mention, maybe I missed the links, but in your first album reviews there are no links to releases/artist pages/youtube vids (which you mention, nevertheless)... maybe you could fix that (if the sites format allows)? 'cause at the 'död' review there's finally a link to their bandcamp page.
    nevermind, as I mentioned time ago, if you're looking for unknown ambienteers, a review/look at 'post-global' netlabel may be interesting for you ( ).
    as well if you're interested in haiku (they not only put modern haiku, also classical old japanese), then have a look at ! they perform open haiku challenges to interprete a given haiku by transforming it into sound/music regularly... and the whole little community is interesting (I think scott lawlor also participates there, right?)


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      Damn, you are right about those missing links. Gotta add them. Thanks for notifying me about them. I'll check the links as well.


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        Updated the missing links and added a new article;
        Not an underground ambient album, but still a damn masterpiece. Gonna get some drone ambient for the next article!


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          New review added;


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            Website is expired?