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One Sample Challenge #68 - Christmas '19 Double Challenge

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  • One Sample Challenge #68 - Christmas '19 Double Challenge

    We're running a double challenge over Christmas and the New Year holidays to ensure you don't get bored, a One Sample Dare and an Image Inspired Dare. They are totally separate, no obligation to enter both or anything.

    Ok, the One sample Challenge, #68, sample courtesy of Codehead.

    The idea of the contest is to create a track using only this one sample. Ambient tracks are nice but there's no rule defining the type of track.

    The rules are:

    1. Additional sounds (whether samples, soundfonts, synths, romplers etc) are not permitted. Instruments and samplers which allow the loading of samples are permitted (though only the contests sample or part of can be used of course). Any other processing of contest sample (including granular and resynthesis methods) is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies or parts of the original sample as you want, each processed with respect to rule 1. This allows you to come up with heavily processed sounds, but still only tracing back to the original sample.

    3. This challenge is open for a month, it will end at midnight (UTC) on Sunday 12th January 2020.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to a place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in the thread dedicated to the given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, captcha, and other obstacles.

    5. The sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. The winner of the contest is chosen by a vote open to all AO members. You can submit as many entries as you like but the winner will be the single entry with the most votes, votes for multiple submissions by an artists are not combined.

    7. The winner of contest chooses the sample for the next contest.

    8. Participants should disclose the formula for each track submission for the benefit of community.

    Good luck everybody!
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    Cool! I don't get notifications anymore for some reason, but stumbled across this. We're getting the cyberband back together...

    I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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      The sample cleaned up nicely in Audacity. I ran it through Noise Reduction twice using different small cuts.

      Here is a tutorial:


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        ... and even might all of that be true


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          This track uses three elements:
          First the second half of the given sample, gated to have only the diverse hits, quantised them to the grid and finally mangled these pulses via MOLEKULAR especially with the Resonance and Delay modules.
          Second a deep pitched hit sampled (via KONTAKT) mangled with another instance of MOLEKULAR.
          Third a sample of the surrounding noise treated with (guess what?!) (YES) MOLEKULAR, once again with harmonic resonances and heavy delays.
          To glue these parts together they go through the same reverb send (EXPONENTIAL R4 Large Hall).
          Some spices from Zynaptiq INTENSITY et voila!
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            Noise construction breakdown: -
            1. Put a copy of the sample and a reversed copy of the sample on a track in Reaper;
            2. Sent the resulting audio to make (a) a drone through Polyverse's I Wish, which I then fed through Wavesfactory's Cassette, Output's Portal, various filters and a reverb, and (b) another drone going through arcDev Resomatic + more Casstte, Portal etc.
            2. Extracted some of the vocal sounds heard towards the end of the sample, stretched and transposed them in Ircam Labs TS, put them all in a track in Reaper and sent the audio through Zynaptiq's Pitchmap and more Portal, filters and reverbs.


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              Somehow I did two... This is the first one:

              Method = a pass through my clockwork demo copy of Mangle, a pass through Audiobulb ambient (the old one) and then a lot of track juggling, reversing, cutting & pasting and plugin attacks in Audacity.

              I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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                And this is the second one, made in a similar way (I forget the specifics)


                I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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                  Don't Forget To Pickup Your Mother

                  Ran original sample through noise reduction in Audacity.
                  Isolated voice and car horn. Peppered them throughout with panning delay.
                  Created stab in Iris2 and peppered throughout.
                  Created pad in Iris2 and mixed with reversed.
                  Background incidentals were the whole noise reduction sample, pitch shifted up and passed through a high pass filter.

                  Tools: Audacity, Ableton Live, Iris2, 2cAudio Aether, FabFilter ProC2, Rob Papen Delay, Ping Pong Delay (Ableton) and EQ8 (Ableton)

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                    OSD 68 - I dreamt that I built a skating rink

                    1) Load sample into Sound Forge and use Noise Reduction on the sample. Then resample the bit depth and sample rate to 64-bit 48 KHz.
                    2) Since this is mostly a percussive sample, use the Region tool to split the sample into smaller sound samples at percussive starts. This gave me about 150 samples.
                    3) Put the 128 longest of these samples into a sample map for Reaktor Jitter-Chain.
                    4) Using various presets and modifications, run these samples through Jitter-Chain for about 20 minutes and save these long sample runs.
                    5) After a while, pick the best pieces in these sample runs and make a new sample map.
                    6) Using the 8 hit sample, make 4 levels of delays in SoundForge with each delay 3 db mix from earlier delay
                    7) Make sample map for Procrastin8r - a 2 stage delay line with feedback - using all samples so far (orig, jitter, 8-hits).
                    8) Play with delay processor using these samples. Record some experiments and make sound selections from the output.
                    9) I placed 8 tracks of sound sequences chosen from the above sample in my DAW and added the Kore 'Deep Freq' effect with the 'Etherific' preset as the output processor.

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                    Jim Hurley


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                      Revised Shorter Version Mix of multiple attempts:

                      This One Sample Challenge was completely brutal...
                      Noise Reduction/TimeStretching/Resample/BitCrushed/Granular/SpaceEchoDelay & thrown into Nuclear Reactor core IR for Verb...
                      Plus forget what else did right now... processed/re-processed/re-processed/re-processed/re-processed/re-processed/re-processed
                      Researched exactly where the recording was made...
                      Turns out that "Ice Skating Rink" was built on top of Ancient Pre-Roman Dacian Settlement in what is now Romania...
                      Thus this track is tribute for them...
                      Made so many attempts at this... starting first day... put it down... came back... so on so forth...
                      May post some other version that made drums from hammering... & synth from car horn... if have extra time...
                      Anyways this is super long Atmospheric Ambient Layer...
                      Most likely will get used somewhere else eventually as sub layer with Modular...
                      this Version is actually way better in some ways... spooky flow feel...
                      may swap file on soundcloud before time is up...
                      and/or mix versions together in Reaper...
                      high frequency abrasive drone was seriously annoying me from "Electric Saw" so ran it through HighPass filtering...
                      Reversed entire track...
                      handing in homework...
                      so take your pick of what version since there's 3 of them that all sort of suck IMO

                      Original Longer Version:
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                        Originally posted by N01ZE View Post
                        This One Sample Challenge was completely brutal...
                        I found it hard as well and almost abandoned my piece.

                        The relentless banging made me resort to extreme mangles to get some tonal matter. That was easy, but putting all that noise into something useful and trying to stay somewhat faithful to the original was difficult.

                        Jim Hurley


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                          Couldn't just Swap the file in SoundCloud... so ended up with multiple versions...
                          need figuring out how to swap the audio file in SoundCloud or else delete and upload new one...
                          One more day remaining...
                          that needs serious EQ getting rid of some annoying droning frequencies...
                          and purposely was not trying to just cheat by tweak/playing a resonant filter...
                          no clue what happened... maybe it was time stretch marks:P
                          yet whatever... handing in OSC homework...
                          sort of super burnt out on it right now...
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                            Originally posted by arachnaut View Post

                            I found it hard as well and almost abandoned my piece.

                            The relentless banging made me resort to extreme mangles to get some tonal matter. That was easy, but putting all that noise into something useful and trying to stay somewhat faithful to the original was difficult.
                            likewise... this OSC was completely kicking my arse... almost gave up multiple times... then would come back for new attempts..
                            need working on the panning & mix levels...
                            listening now for this first slapped together mix in Reaper...
                            you can actually hear the subtle sequenced hammering in newest mix...
                            Revised the SC mix...
                            Can someone show embed code example for functional large SoundCloud player here at AO???
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                              2nd submission: -

                              This is mainly based on the background vocals heard at 2.29 in the original sample. I merged them together to make a sample about half-a-second long, stretched it out x100 in Ircam Labs TS and ran the result through various filters, resonators and reverbs. The Middle-Eastern-y wailing sound that comes in from about 3:40 is a happy accident from putting the same file into my newly-acquired copy of Native Instruments Form and playing around with it.