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posting old challenges, is it okay?

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  • posting old challenges, is it okay?

    Hello. Since i've been away for so long, is it okay if I post my results to some of the ao challenges that I've missed while I was gone? I understand they wouldn't be voted on but I'd like to get back into posting these. If it's better for me to just start with the next one, I totally get it. I'll probably still do others but won't post them to the group, though it's likely an album release will result from such efforts sometime in the future.
    Thanks for considering the idea and it's good to be back after all this time.

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    Hi Scott, good to see you back.

    I've just answered your PM without seeing this message, clearer now

    I've no objections to you posting your tracks, only issue is I tend to lock the threads to stop late entries. Would you want to post them to the actual topics or in a single new topic, maybe this one?
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      Hi Gary. I could probably create a new thread for older tracks or, probably the better thing to do is just post them in member releases when I have an album of them like I did with a moth at the porchlight? I think I'm subscribed to this forum as well so I should get notifications about new topics.
      I'm looking forward to jumping back into the challenges and I've probably got 4 or 5 more albums of challenges to release from when I was last active in these. Have a good weekend my friend.