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Noctilucant - Amongst the Snow and the Shadows

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  • Noctilucant - Amongst the Snow and the Shadows

    Bandcamp Site:

    The new Noctilucant album, 'Amongst the Snow and the Shadows' has been released, and can be purchased for just $2 @ my bandcamp site.

    ‘Amongst the Snow and the Shadows’ is the fourth full-length album from cinematic dark ambient project, Noctilucant, and the proper follow-up to 2017’s, ‘Bleak and Drained of Colour.’ ‘AtSatS’ focuses on a single protagonist as he traverses the ruined world he once called home. In ‘AtSatS,’ the world has frozen over to nothing more than a barren wasteland. This is now several years after the apocalypse when all hope of returning to what we once called normal is but a distant memory.

    ‘Amongst the Snow and The Shadows’ follows our protagonist from the onset of a nightmare where he struggles through unknown hells before dramatically waking up and realizing his real world is no different. Setting off from his bunker in search of life, he roams the landscapes, eventually coming across what is believed to be a safe haven, but is instead something else….

    ‘Amongst the Snow and the Shadows’ features the now established Noctilucant cinematic sound with ample field recordings and narration blended with more of a polar ambient vibe and some minor dungeon synth like melodies this time around. Additionally, five other Dark Ambient maestros make guest appearances to tell this tale.

    Artist: Noctilucant

    Album: Amongst the Snow and the Shadows

    File Under: Cinematic Dark Ambient / Polar Ambient / Dungeon Synth

    Teaser Trailer:
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