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Glacial Anatomy - Beyond the Ice (frigid soundscapes)

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  • Glacial Anatomy - Beyond the Ice (frigid soundscapes)

    Hey all! I have a project called Glacial Anatomy.

    “Glacial Anatomy is dark arctic ambience influenced by the study, research, and exploration of the Arctic/Antarctic zones, polar regions, glaciers, ice sheets, and extraterrestrial regions. Designed for deep listening, this work relies heavily on field recordings, experimental microphones, modular synthesis, and found audio.

    Artist location is undisclosed.”

    I have my first 7 song album “Transient” coming out October 24th on the label Secret Press, mastered by Lawrence English.

    Right now I just released my first single which is not on the upcoming album but it is in preparation to the album release to kick start my Bandcamp.
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    The tone captivated my attention from the beginning and carried for the duration. Quality of sounds and mood easily could fit right in some of the scenes from "Interstellar".


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      Thank you I appreciate the words Theocat, I’m glad it supplies you those feelings!


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        This is really awesome. Just listening to it makes me think of some sort of Arctic storm.

        Question, what exactly did you capture with your field recorder?


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          Thank you! There’s actually no field recordings in this song, it’s all modular, my album that’s coming out has a lot of field recordings and found sounds in the songs


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            This definitely sounds and feels ‘icey’. Well done! I am interested in the inclusion of field recordings in ambient soundscapes, and so will be looking for your release when it comes out.