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Ides of Souls in Crossover [live Glitch]

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  • Ides of Souls in Crossover [live Glitch]

    Hi! this is kind of special, in that it's a real time recording...just about a concert, except it was just me with headphones on, when I made it.
    It's Glitch...but not glitch heavy as like Squarepusher [a fav of mine], but I have plans to do something more 'full on' Glitch. My roots are Experimental branching to then become Ambient in Drone.
    I didn't go back to remaster anything, and am playing instruments 'raw', although there was some set up of instruments beforehand [about the way a lead guitarist would tune and calibrate before his show goes on].
    I have long said, "Oh, I'll never perform live"..but, maybe the bug has bitten me..? We'll see.
    Take care, AO community!