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Cataclysmia (Drone/Dark Ambient/Noise)

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  • Cataclysmia (Drone/Dark Ambient/Noise)

    Released with Static Reason Recordings.

    CD and Digital available via the buy button. Limited to 100 Copies: Delusi's debut epic Cataclysmia comes housed in a shrink wrapped light matte print gatefold digipak with the disc itself also featuring a full color light matte finish.

    "Cataclysmia appropriately bridges the gap between the unsettling and the familiar, with organic sounds mingling with unearthly ambiance. While many of the frequencies Delusi shares with the listener are euphoric, their humming and crackling brings to mind dying stars exploding with one last radiant finale before achieving an ultimate silence” -- Black Metal & Brews

    "Just as apocalyptic warnings are being etched into the sky by meteor trails and patterns of alien light, my skull is being ravaged by all manner of scuttling bugs and electric shocks." -- ATTN:Mag

    "Sonically expansive and aurally immersive, Delusi’s debut disc makes a solid impression. Cataclysmia represents an artist already on top of his game…” -- A Closer Listen.