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Destination of the Unknown Drone EP

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  • Destination of the Unknown Drone EP

    I know I have a lot of catching up to do here with commenting on other people's tracks, but I've been working on an EP.

    It's not finished, but here's what I have so far for Destination of the Unknown, Ambient Drone. Gets pretty tense in places. Not really a relaxation piece.

    It's done in eight parts. I want to add more instruments and sounds to it, but that will come a little later. This is just the bed.

    I promise I'll get to commenting on other people's pieces, too. :blush:

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    That's a nice rich base to start your journey on. You should be able to make all manner of instrumental excursions from this! Have fun!


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      Why haven't I commented on this yet?! It's so freakishly GOOD!!! You must be using paulstretch on these drones because they sound so dark and long I couldn't imagine you holding down keys on your controller for that long. :p

      I love how it floats from drone to drone...encapsulating thoughts and memories in each auditory experience. I think with time, and more layering, maybe some more effects...oh and some fretless BASS this will really be something special. :D

      Well done Dax!!!
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        This held my interest for the full 45 minutes. Interesting to see where you go with it.


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          I'll get back to this piece soon. Now that I have Zebra2 again I have an excellent ARP at my disposal. ;)


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            Once I finish my Absynth soundscape set I'm going to get back to this. I may mellow out the middle part (it's pretty intense right now), and add a ton of automation (right now there's none, just pure sounds from my set). I'll also add arps and possibly some pads, and of course effects.

            As it stands, it's just eight presets from my Absynth set stretched 40 times in Paulstretch. I love that tool!

            It will definitely evolve into something more interesting (it's interesting now, but pretty basic) and more complex.

            Again, I'm not so sure about the really intense section. Should I get rid of that part or leave it for a complete journey through worlds, dangerous and unknown?


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              I enjoyed it as it is. I love all of the textural changes that happen on here. It will be interesting to see how this changes after your planned additions. I think I'll have a play with Paulstretch and some oddball sound sources now to see what's shaking.
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                I'm so looking forward to your new ep already!!



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                  Thanks, guys.

                  manducator, as soon as I've released my soundbank of the same name I'll work on this piece again.


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                    Sounds like a great sound set, unfortunately I don't have Absynth...:frown:. (If I did I would surely pick up your set!!)

                    On the other hand, after reading a couple of references to your secret weapon paulstretch in this forum, i tried it the other day. It's an awesome tool!! I'm fond of mangling sounds to see what develops and paulstretch fits right in.

                    I hope your release is very successful!


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                      I love Paulstretch, and this bank is perfectly tailored to be stretched. :biggrin:

                      On another note, judging by some of the feedback I've gotten on this track, I'm releasing it as-is. I'll do other, similar projects in the very near future.

                      I'll post a link to my Bandcamp page once everything is ready. As with my last EP, this one will be pay-what-you-want. :thumbsup:


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                        Pay-what-you-want. Even free!


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                          I haven't had any time for music lately, but I'm freeing up some time to work on this project again.

                          It's going to stay drone-Ambient, but I'm expanding this to a four-45-minute piece solely using my soundbank for Absynth.

                          The other three pieces will complete a story (sorry, I won't reveal what that story is, it's up to the listener to imagine it for themselves), but they'll have a little more motion in them compared to this section I've already released.

                          I love long-form, evolving Ambient. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I make music for myself. If others enjoy it, so much the better.

                          I'll up the price for the whole composition to $5 USD (or more, if you want), but if you like this type of thing...

                          Phase47, you were my original inspiration after hearing your long-form tracks.


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                            spooky. dig it. thank you.


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                              Glad to hear you've found some time for music-making again. Looking forward to hearing the new material - I'm finding myself drawn more and more to the long-form ambient pieces. There's so much more scope for development - similar to classical music in that you can 'hint' at themes before revealing them, or restate those themes slightly differently over time.
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