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Tenebris Lake - Lost Ambient Tapes

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  • Tenebris Lake - Lost Ambient Tapes

    Hi there,
    What do you think about it? Can I get a few general words about feeling of this album? Do you find it good? Every feedback is for me like a gold.
    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: Please check out the second track too, it's completely different than the first one.
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    First of all, welcome to the forum! Take a look'll find a bunch of likeminded folks around here.

    I like it! The white noise was a bit too synthetic sounding but the more it progressed, and given the theme of the record it all made sense.

    Nice work!

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      Thanks for response, it means a lot for me. Maybe waves are too synthetic, but generally it was the point to make contrast. Second track is completely opposite of first.
      I'm just checking your Ascendant - very good job and great mixing and mastering. Waiting for next releases.


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        I think it's pretty awesome. I agree with S1gnsofl1fe that the white noise sounded a little synthetic (I could easily imagine a recording of waves crashing), but I didn't have a problem with it. The movements in the first track fit wonderfully together.


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          Yeah, liked that quite a bit.

          If you wanted an accurate representation of waves then, yes, the white noise was pretty synthetic. BUT: I thought in it's own right it sounded really cool, a stark contrast to the other elements that had it's own ebb and flow.
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            Thank you guys for serious and very logical responses, I appreciate that. Every opinion is really helpful for me.