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Pluto's Lament

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  • Pluto's Lament

    Pluto orbits out beyond its parent star and a planet that forsake its status among the rest.

    All done on my iPhone with Fieldscaper and AUFX:Space. Used Lemur as a set of volume faders but otherwise this is just how the samples looped (around 3 minutes I blipped the volume on all three not understanding how a control worked but I kept it >.> ). It's actually the same sample mangled three different ways (Fieldscaper has three oscillators and a bit of mixing ability). Audio bus piped Fieldscaper into Space which recorded it, then I dumped that into AudioShare to fade it in and out, and direct upload to Soundcloud where they put their logo feces on my track and didn't let me add tags -_- probably too much reverb but I was using headphones and his was mostly just an experiment anyway

    all that from calling an elevator, letting it arrive and open the doors a few seconds later, and walking away.
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