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mebitek - new ambient electro cinematic track

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  • mebitek - new ambient electro cinematic track

    Hi guys,
    new release here!

    "Full album is coming
    little preview of what will happen on 24bit
    more cinematic to come
    all track is performed, composed and arranged by mebitek
    gears and instruments:
    - maschine
    - komplete kotrol S25
    - heavyocity vocalize
    - heavyocity natural forces
    - massive
    - output signal
    - output rev
    mixed and master on mebitek home studio with iZotope Ozone
    original photo and artwork by"

    feedbacks, questions and comments are welcome!

    Last edited by mebitek; 04-20-2016, 04:48 AM.
    Maschine MK2 - Komplete 10u - KKS25 - Kontrol F1 - Behringer UB802 - Alto CLE 4.0 - Fluid Audio C5W - w7 64bit on Sonux DAW i7-4790 16GB RAM -