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Noctilucant - There's Blood on our Hands (cinematic Dark Ambient)

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  • Noctilucant - There's Blood on our Hands (cinematic Dark Ambient)

    The third part of Noctilucant’s lengthy singles series has arrived. Similar to the previous two singles, ‘There’s Blood on our Hands’ deviates from the usual Noctilucant storyline/theme as it was inspired by a painting I completed in early January of 2015. The painting itself was based around a nightmare I had where I found myself lost in an ashen cavernous obscure realm where mysterious shadowy humanoids followed behind me closely, whispering in my ear, while blood dripped off the tips of their fingers. This 24 minute soundscape offers up deep suffocating droning ambiance that gradually builds in its intensity as you make your way through this fearsome domain.

    The physical version of ‘There’s Blood on our Hands,’ comes housed in a handmade digipak, which is limited to 20 copies. Each one is unique as both the digipak itself and the CDr were hand painted. This version also features 5 bonus tracks! One of the songs is a cover version of Nobuo Uematsu’s, ‘You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet,’ from the Final Fantasy 7 video game (dark ambient style of course), while the other 4 songs are tracks from the ‘Pain, Plague and Pestilence’ EP from last year. In total the physical version offers up 55 minutes of music.

    Stream and download here: