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Creation of planets

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  • Creation of planets

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    I dig it man


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      Right off the bat, the music is pretty 'stellar' in this piece- very well-done! Nice artwork in the video, as well, although as a producer of videos myself, I tend to put all my production notes and credits at the end of my videos- tends to be less distracting that way. In another life-time I was a commercial artist and a sign painter for a living, so I just have to reiterate how much I dislike the over-use of the 'papyrus' font in all these new-age type applications- people starting using it during the late 80's, and it was pretty much ubiquitous. Also there are certain fonts that are used to 'describe' the sixties, such as the 'admiral' font, because it was used alot during the sixties. But that's just my personal view, and I should probably keep this focused on the music- this is some of your best work yet that I've heard. It's exremely well done. Love the volume swell effects in the second half of the piece especially! I'll be downloading it later when I get on my pc.