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'Lowlands' - EP of warm & lofi ambient from UK

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  • 'Lowlands' - EP of warm & lofi ambient from UK

    Greetings ambient heads, I have a bunch of tracks up that I've made recently. Expect warm and atmospheric sonics - filtered and textured instrumentation mixed with field recordings.

    Hope some might enjoy!


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    Really bad frequency resonation on 'Cairn' although I really like the composition- distorting the hell out of my iPad speakers. I look forward to hearing the rest of this collection, although I wouldn't classify 'Cairn' as ambient per se- more chillout, or lounge, maybe edm.

    EDIT: yeah, started to listen to 'Salt Line' and the resonating frequencies seem to be a feature. I know you put 'lo-fi' in the description, but the distortion is hard for me to take. Great musical ideas, however! You can fix it with a notch filter, isolate the offending frequencies and back them off, without changing the 'color' of the pieces too much.
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      I like this a lot. Good textures, good beats. Reminds me a bit of Teebs. There are some resonating/distorted frequencies here, might be an intentional choice, but honestly on headphones it sounds fairly balanced to me. That's just my opinion. A little EQ might still be good to reign them in... As Sonic Bodhi is the more experienced producer, I'd defer to his advice.
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        thanks for listening!