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Autechre - EP7

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  • Autechre - EP7

    Did I ever write here about LSD Dream Emulator soundtrack? It would be weird If no, because I'm huge fan of game and soundtrack itself. Music there is totally randoom (just like levels) and generates itself based on such things like what You touched. It is great but due to fact every walktrough is different experience and music is part of it, soundtrack itself has never been relased as far as I know. But there is Autechre.

    Autechre is music project that has style of LSD DE soundtrack. In fact it sounds almost same. But, to be sure that I do not judge anyone for plagiarism I should notice that game has been relased in 98 in Japan, and Autechre started about 93' in England so there isvery small chance that this band heard of LSD DE or vice versa. Anyway If You loved LSD DE music You should really check those guys out, because what they are doing is great job with similar vibe. Surreal samples that sounds totally randoom and broken beats makes this all crazy and incredibly catchy.

    From other hand If You didn't like LSD DE soundtrack maybe that is Autechre who will change Your mind

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    Autechre were always ahead of the game. Nice recommendation !


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      Good stuff! Autechre have been around since the late 80's. I think their first proper release was in 91