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  • selections from aural anamorphic

    So I'll post tracks from the soundcloud group aural anamorphic here - it's small and has its own set of rules - check it out!

    First up: Stalker VA. Enjoy!

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    Only dead fish go with the flow.


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      Am just listening now-lovely sound m8-I absolutely adore those piano sounds springing from left to right and the slight distant swooshing pad or string like fx rolling in softly-nice balancing on all the sounds to-especially the intro part with the stereo delay-that really works-all in all a very well executed piece of music.

      Thanks for sharing :tu:
      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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        Thanks for bringing this to our attention..and I obviously joined, as there are some really nice works posted to the group's stream.

        The rules, as they are, seem fair enough and not too demanding..I might even submit something myself. Mind you, the one track I have in mind might be too long at just over 12 minutes, but I guess it's worth keeping this group in mind for future works I produce.

        Thanks again for the heads-up on this. :thumbsup:


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          Thanks guys! Your feedback is appreciated! I created the group one or two years ago and the rules, etc are not a big thing. I just thought I'd post here to give the contributors a bit more publicity please, submit away The thing is, we started out very mellow & that sort of set the tone so I had to turn away lots of good but noisier & dronier stuff. I really hope I'm not pissing anyone of by being very selective...most of the time it's not the music, it's the fit with the preceeding tracks. as is there's not a lot of submissions, and there's very few tracks. often what I do when I find the submitted track cool but not a good fit I'll get in touch with them & ask them to submit a track of theirs I like - it's really just a a way of compiling a list of good stuff - glad you found something to like!


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            Wonderful! Thanks for letting us know. I like the selection methodology.


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              Now that soundcloud groups are defunct, here is a playlist that collects a few of the tunes in the group.

              feel free to pm me if you would like to submit additional material - I will continue to update this list as I discover new material in keeping with the original objective of the group. enjoy!
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