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Jandek - Maze of the phantom

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  • Jandek - Maze of the phantom

    For those of you who don't know, Jandek is what we call an outsider musician. He's from Texas, and most of his output consist of dissonant music, either with a full band or just an acoustic guitar and vocals. This album is not the case.
    Released in 2012, "Maze of the phantom" is a free form improv ambient double album, with 6 tracks and 2 rehearsals. It's performed by Jandek on Korg keyboards and accompanied "with a line-up of harp, percussion, wordless female vocals and guitar & flute (played by the same person)". I think it's really nice.
    The album can be bought at Jandek's label, Corwood Industries, for 14 dollars, free shipping if you're in the USA. I don't know for sure if the full album's on Youtube, but the first track is. Enjoy:
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    Ah yes, good old Jandek. I know of his interesting works and his enigmatic persona. Thanks for sharing.


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      A fellow houstonian


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        thx for posting this.