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  • Prophet VS Drone

    I ended up reinstalling my Arturia Prophet V and started messing about with the ProphetVS emulation and created this really cool pad sound. The track you hear is a timestretched version of the original.

    To get that sort of shimmering sound I automated all 4 of the oscillators so they would cycle through their waveforms. I scribbled the automations in by hand for randomness.

    I think it's quite a neat trick and it sure adds a level of harmonic chaos that I think is quite interesting. You an do this with any wavetable synthesizer and it sounds pretty awesome. After you create a 16 bar loop full of chords and what not, then freeze the track and time stretch it so it's twice or three times as long. This is pretty much what I did and then I used The Glue and Reverb on the end result.

    I basically did this.

    1. Created a 16 bar chord progression and looped it.

    2. Used Arturia Prophet VS on the track and created automation tracks for the 4 wavetable selectors.

    3. Automated all of the 4 oscillator selections using random scribbles.

    4. Froze the track as audio.

    5. Time stretched the audio and made it longer, then added bus compression and reverb.

    Pretty simple but it can sound very pleasing.

    Now imagine applying granular synthesis, or spectral FX to it! You can do some incredible things when creating material like this as a starting point..
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    I like the Prophet V as well. Neat piece.


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      Thanks for sharing this and the tips..much appreciated! :thumbsup:

      I have the Arturia MiniLab and I'm definitely going to try this out and see what I come up with.