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Making ambient soundscapes in fl studio

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  • Making ambient soundscapes in fl studio

    Nice tutorial how to make ambient soundscapes in Fl Studio:

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    This was a nice tutorial indeed. Thank you for sharing it!

    I liked everything about it except for the last minute of the video... :thumbsdown:

    Again though, got inspired by watching it. Oh and by the way, welcome to ambient online!

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      I'm really glad i found this forum, it's a shame there is not much to find on the interwebz about ambient, though, i will post more on this forum.
      And soon i will post a track of mine



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        Some good tips in there. I also found this tutorial (and the guy's youtube channel in general) great for ideas on making ambient music in FL Studio. I don't personally love the song he produced in the tutorial, but lots of the techniques are really useful


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          This tutorial is great, didn't really think about stretches till watching it. Ended up stretching a black metal track I had made and applied a lot of Reverb, Delay, EQ'd the highs and mids out, Chorus, Flanger and some compression. Turned out to be a great backing to my latest track.


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            Hi want to refresh this topic , I think this tutorial will be helpful too
            btw I am using this ambient pack for my music


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              I've used FL studio for a number of years to make ambient and other types of music, got very familiar with it, esp the SoundFont player in my earlier efforts. Lots of great tools and synths in FL Studio as well to help along that line! Glad you posted this! People need to know what a great and versatile tool FL Studio can be- along with Ableton Live..
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