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i am FireAnt, from Jackson MS.... hello to ALL of you !

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  • i am FireAnt, from Jackson MS.... hello to ALL of you !

    hello everyone !

    i came here to be a part of the "ambient community"..... there are so few folks here who make Ambient Synth Music, so i feel a bit isolated....

    Arturia MicroBrute
    Behringer Neutron
    M-Audio Venom
    Kaossilator Pro+
    Akai MPX8
    Alesis SR16
    Arturia Beatstep Pro
    Arturia Keystep 32
    Roland VG-8ex
    Roland GR-30
    Roland Ready Fender Strat

    and a buncha PA and Guitar thingies for "conventional music stuff"..... lots of guitars and pedals, orange and vox amps, and a mackie console and electrovoice speakers

    right now i just want to learn and play Ambient Synth Music..... using all hardware, havent delved into Ableton Live yet.... i have a ProTools system to "record stuff" with......

    currently doing dubby ambient stuff...... i will "up the game" after a few more synth purchases, i need another multi-timbral synth and another "poly-capable" sequencer.

    i hope i can connect with Artist/Performers for tips and networking....

    Thanks yall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    listening to Oleg Byonic as i type this.........


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    oh yeh, i forgot....... these are not what i am doing now, but they are recordings i have done in the past couple of years.....

    i just got into the "ambient" game.... i have been messing with synths for a LONG time, without knowing what i was doing(just turned 64)..... OPS, other peoples synths......

    now i have my own synths, but as a guitarist i have to ditch all my "known" technique in songwriting..... its like learning to breathe all over again...... weird.....

    so, i guess i need to "find" my sound in this genre....... along the way i should learn alot !!!!

    there is a link below, Uphill Trudge is the song title..... theres some mistakes there but i just wrote this yesterday, i need some rehearsal time with it(inspired by Patrick O'Hearn).....
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      Hi FireAnt,

      welcome to the board!



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        Thank You, Roberto !!!!!

        i LOVE particle physics and cosmology and astronomy !!!!

        your music is Beautiful !!!!


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          Glad you are here, neighbor. Alabama Gulf Coast here.


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              Welcome to Ambient Online!


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                Hello Paul

                Welcome to the ambient online community


                I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

                Latest release - Anomaly available on Bandcamp

                Bandcamp // SoundCloud // YouTube